The Microsoft Surface Book 2 appears only in November. (Bilduelle: Microsoft)The Microsoft Surface Book 2 appears only in November. (Bilduelle: Microsoft)

update: Microsoft defends itself against the preliminary ruling by Consumer Reports. The charge of the surface-area manager Ryan Gavin told ZDNet that only 0.001 percent of the problems in equipment occur with the newer Surface products. Consumer Reports had spoken of up to 25 percent - but used a period within two years of purchase.

According to Gavin, this method is indeed suitable for household appliances such as dishwashers that Consumer Reports also tested, but not for laptops:

"This is so like asking whether a dishwasher behaved in the past two years even in unexpected ways, and if the answer is 'Yes' was, it would be classified as unreliable."

No recommendations for Microsoft Surface products

Original message: Consumer Reports is a consumer protection organization in the United States and to compare roughly with the Stiftung Warentest. As with the German organization reports and tests are not always without controversy, but still important to many consumers in a buying decision.

Several months ago, Consumer Reports did on the reports the status "revoked Recommended" with problems of surface-set of Microsoft all tested devices and went a step further unusual. Also all other tablets and laptops from Microsoft, no matter what type, could not be recommended.

Microsoft had responded with a statement, according to which not match the allegations of Consumer Reports with the support effort at Microsoft and therefore do not meet customers' experiences with Surface devices. Of these, Consumer Reports had not be impressed.

Microsoft Surface 2 Book in advance even without recommendation

Now, Microsoft has announced a new generation of the product line with the Surface Book 2, to be published in November 2017 in the US. Thus, although the laptop is not yet available, a spokesman for Consumer Reports declared loudly Bezinga that while you want to test in November the unit, but will not be able to recommend it. The decision not to recommend Microsoft laptops and tablets, is still valid.

The pre-sentencing of a not even released product provides understandably again for discussions about the value that the tests by Consumer Reports for consumers can actually have. Even if the older Surface products have had problems in the reported extent the Surface Book 2 many users should not be recommended, according to opinion recommended only because of their own qualities or. The credibility of Consumer Reports is in doubt.