The YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian has staged a new Mega Battle of the RPG Fallout 4: 300 soldiers of the Brotherhood of Steel fighting in power armor against 30,000 deathclaws, is highlighted in the battle with the Command&Conquer tune Hells March.

The last fight:100 super mutants against 10,000 ghouls

The video shows a battle which quite clearly shows recalls the ambience of the Warhammer 40,000 and Starship Troopers and thanks glitches that AI and animations were not designed for such battles. also is amazing the fact that Cosmic contrarians PC creates stable frame rates. And it is gratifying that the YouTuber waived this time on the exorbitant use of expletives and curses.

Fallout 4 Special Issue: GameStar Black Edition: Fallout 4
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Fallout 4 is huge and calls the adventurer and explorer in us. Instead of large, blinking arrows to follow next quest target, explore the eerily beautiful apocalyptic world on your own. Similarly, if you have already Fallout 4 "through": Now the fun really begins, because beyond the main story waiting for tens of nasty bosses, legendary weapons and exciting encounters to all explorers!

Therefore, there's now the GameStar Black Edition: Fallout 4 with Skill Tutorial, Companion Guide, complete solution faction explanations Power Armor tuning, construction and survival tips, console commands, graphics optimization, background information regarding the Fallout universe and much, much more. On top of the issue: that they may go really not lost in Boston and the surrounding contaminated A fat XXL cards posters.

Product examples:
Power Armor - A touch of immortality
Western Commonwealth - map of all the points

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