With the Aureon 5.1 Fun of German Sound card specialist TerraTec offers a lavish solution in the boarding area. For less than 40 euros, players can soundwise help your computer on the jumps: The Aureon Fun understands all major 3D sound formats (A3D 1.0, EAX 1.0 / 2.0, DirectSound 3D). In addition, you can connect up to five surround speakers and a subwoofer; Dolby Digital but does not understand the small Terratec. There are digital inputs and outputs, great for music recording times and a model in this price range.

The installation went smoothly thanks to good driver CD and understandable manual. The joystick connector is on a second aperture - annoying when no slot is free. The Aureon breathed the soundscape into play life, sound sources are precise locatable. MP3s sound even clean on Middle Class speakers. To high-quality speakers, we recorded subdued dynamics and slightly squeezed votes. Sophisticated music lovers and movie freaks need to look for two price points higher, players and casual MP3ler are very well served by the Aureon 5.1 Fun.