On nexusmods are the first mods have been ported for Skyrim Special Edition Remaster and we compare a small collection of them with the original version of Skyrim Special Edition (Vanilla means without mods). The small collection is perhaps not quite perfect, as even some of the popular mods are missing or lacking compatibility fixes to other already ported mods. Nevertheless, this small collection gives a first impression on how well the graphics mods with the Skyrim Remaster and what is mod-technically already currently possible. All mods are of nexusmods.com, here is the full list of mods in the order in which we have installed them: Unofficial Skyrim Patch Special Edition, Static Mesh Improvement Mod Skyrim Special Edition Texture Pack Osmodius, Skyrim Flora Overhaul, Fantasy Forest Overhaul , Verdant A Skyrim Grass plugin Realistic Water, Nordic Snow, Gecko&# 39; s 4K Mountain textures and Vivid Weathers. A good alternative to Realistic Water is Realisitc Water 2 that in the distance looks better. In the video we used a one Gamestar PC Ultra with a GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Click here for Candyland on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.