Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in Test - The opposite of Human Revolution

Hach, Prague, the picturesque Vltava metropolis - as many social media bulletin boards owe this city its most atmospheric photo galleries. And as numerous fall probably from the embarrassing party photos to which the next morning only Facebook and Instagram remember, to the chagrin of party tourists. Prague is a potential Paradise for everyone. Older semester enjoy the historic sites, honeymoon couples whisper sweet nothings against the romantic Old Europe scenery, teenagers celebrate there her high school with one euro beer - and even the colleague upper Meier like paddling in a giant beach ball across the Vltava (do not ask you prefer) ,

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in Test - The opposite of Human Revolution

None of this is of course (not even love Michael Obermeier paddling) and guarantees for all time. In just ten years, well angry citizens could just revolt on the streets against heavily armed police, set fire to shops and spray the walls with xenophobic slogans. Then residents are shot in the street, terrorist bombs devastate subway stations and mysterious techno-cult commit mass suicide public. These Bleak Future Vision creates at least Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the sequel to Human Revolution or fourth part of the veteran cyberpunk shooter series whose debut for many one of the greatest masterpieces of the Games history.

For the test we have to Prague of the year 2029 opened, are slipped as Adam Jensen through the campaign and were able to try the brand new Breach mode in detail. This Product was obviously keep spoiler-free, but we still want to pre-empt some of our upshots: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is in our eyes the exact opposite of Human Revolution. This gives the game the potential to get a 90-vote - and at the same time built the way there.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - PC to PS4 and Xbox One in the graphics comparisonDeus Ex: Mankind Divided - PC to PS4 and Xbox One in the graphics comparison

The total improvement

Deus Ex is a series about mysterious conspiracies. And that's why we give ourselves here fits to sometimes very mysterious: We provide the evaluation of the Story of Mankind Divided - the most important aspect of a Deus Ex - this time behind without revealing why. Trust, end up being pleased to clarify anything (or resist and jump to the marked cheeky subtitle in GameStar's real freedom of choice). we talk instead about the fantastic game mechanics.

From cover to Jensen careless guards snapped. If he wants to, and that can include police officers.From cover to Jensen careless guards snapped. If he wants to, and that can include police officers.

Mankind Divided makes everything better than playful Human Revolution. Really everything. Sure, at first glance, the game remains close to the success of their own series: From the first person point of view of Adam Jensen we have a choice whether we sneak, shoot or hack, we can in the best RPG tradition Main and side quests in large urban hub worlds do, improve skills, rummaging through the game world for secrets, engage in dialogue - and be ready at the end of the day even with a lot of enemies that threaten the security of the world. More recent developments in Human Revolution is one of the cover system, essentially Mankind Divided reserves but the long-term triad of combat, role play and exploration in.

But if you look closer, the game turns out to be sweeping panoramic improvement all these core virtues that is in terms of gameplay probably only beaten by a whisker from the original Deus Ex. In Human Revolution sneaking was the sole silver bullet because the shooting has long been not so much fun. Therefore, many skills were unnecessary for the roleplaying community, they found vast amounts of useless weapons you eh unused. In short: Human Revolution indeed had a playful freedom, but all roads were not as good. Mankind Divided changes the solid, for example in the shootings.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Gameplay from the Dubai-LevelDeus Ex: Mankind Divided - Gameplay from the Dubai-Level

Finally good shoot-

Especially on the higher difficulty levels (there are four, the highest Permadeath has) the shoot-to armored mercenaries augmented terrorists, robots and Co. are pretty demanding. Preparation pays off. Anyone who wants can lay out the perfect strategy against every enemy types up to the smallest detail and is rewarded for it. We can take a normal pistol and converted with found parts as us, for example, that they verschießt automatically EMP-balls, processes the Robo-Fieslinge in no time to waste. Because of this added screwed burst mode extremely eats a lot of ammunition, we extend further the magazine. behind this Upgrade system hide interesting trade-offs, because every advantage brings the same disadvantages.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedDeus Ex: Mankind Divided&# 8203;

Deus Ex: Mankind Dividedyou blast as desired from first-person perspective with iron sights.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedOr directly from the cover in view of tracker. Do you keep track, but sacrificing precision.

Although a muffler ensures quiet fire, but also reduces the damage massive. So we have to Parade headshot land, if we ever want so what tear. Armor-piercing ammunition sounds louder than Thor's Hammer, helps - surprise - against armored mercenaries wasted on soft targets but useless energy. In addition there are various upgrades that we can screw on the barrel and much more.

The joke of the matter: you this complete mechanism can also simply overlooked, if, for example, exposing the shooting training and not purely works in the menus because it relies on stealth and hacking. Mankind Divided offers pleasantly much complexity, can master the Tüfter.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - ScreenshotsDeus Ex: Mankind Divided A Criminal Past
Screenshot from the DLC "A Criminal Past"" data-lbx-number ="2"><b>Deus Ex: Mankind Divided A Criminal Past</b><br>Screenshot from the DLC
From cover to Jensen careless guards snapped. If he wants to, and that can include police officers.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in Test - The opposite of Human Revolution