Black Ice: BuckBlack Ice: Frost&# 8203;

Black Ice: BuckThe attack operator also contributes around a Breacher shotgun with it.

Black Ice: FrostPer Bärenfalle Canadian soldier makes life difficult for intruders.

The DLC Operation Black Ice for Rainbow Six: Siege appear on 2 February 2016 and adds two new soldiers - referred to in the game as operator - with new individual special abilities.

On Reddit images of the two characters are now surfaced and reveal weapons and skills of the new operator. However, the authenticity of the Metrials can not be confirmed, so it could also be theoretically to Photoshop artworks by fans.

The two new characters are members of the Canadian Special Forces JTF second The first picture shows Buck, an offensive operator that can used as a special ability of an underflow shotgun of the type M26 MASS. This could e.g. be useful in breaking barricades or in direct combat. Mounted is the weapon under a Colt C8, the Canadian equivalent of the AR-15 / M-16 series.

The second is a specialist Frost, also a member of JTF 2. The lady is defender and can create mechanical traps to make enemies out of action. These traps can be destroyed either by Thatcher EMP grenades, still be tracked by IQ sensor because they are not electronically. Frost arms is also connected to the Heckler & Koch M3 Super 90 shotgun.

The eight planned DLC operator and new cards are free to all players of Rainbow Six victories. However, owners of the Season Pass will receive earlier access to the soldiers and they do not have free play with in-game currency.

Rainbow Six: Siege - new defenderRainbow Six: Siege - new attacker&# 8203;

Rainbow Six: Siege - new defenderThe special ability of Operatorin Frost

Rainbow Six: Siege - new attackerThe special ability of the operator Buck

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