Funny. A Pikachu with party hat. Helau!Funny. A Pikachu with party hat. Helau!

"Nää, wat me all sin ram jeck hey!"

The fifth season has broken out and is well known [Please insert regionally preferred word] of Carnival / Mardi Gras / carnival / also does not stop at the virtual hunting monsters in Pokémon Go support. The Pokémon Company also have the "Pokémon Day" was proclaimed under a new update, in the period from 26 February to 6.3 Pikachu with funny Party cap are to be found. Pretty jeck!

Celebrate the #PokemonDay by looking festive Pikachu from 26.2.- 6.3. catch!

- Pokemon GO DE (@PokemonGOdeu) February 24, 2017

The amendments to the current version 0.57.3 and 1.27.3 for Android for iOS amount to loud Patch Notes minor bug fixes and performance optimizations. Whether again new features or new content has been prepared on the updates, is currently unclear. New, regionally-bound monsters have been introduced with the last update:

Pokémon GO - Regional Pokémon that do not exist in Germany

The Pokémon Day is celebrated but also outside the mobile games throughout the franchise away. For more information regarding the actions to the console games on the website

More on the subject: Pokémon GO - Generation 2: The WP-strongest Pokémon

Pokémon Go - gameplay trailer for the release of the update 0.57.2 / 1.27.2Pokémon Go - gameplay trailer for the release of the update 0.57.2 / 1.27.2