The Comic Con Germany will take place in June 2016 in Stuttgart. Among other things, several Hollywood actors will be present.The Comic Con Germany will take place in June 2016 in Stuttgart. Among other things, several Hollywood actors will be present.

Update of 6 July 2015: Obviously, there are different opinions about when the first Comic Con is taking place now in Germany - or what is the "real". Like us, the company Cool Conventions UG has since given an opinion, will take place on 5 and 6 December 2015 the Westfalenhalle Dortmund the German Comic Con held.

It also states that the Stuttgart Comic Con was not an official branch of the American Comic-Con International in San Diego. Rather, the exhibition was originally announced as Fedcon event until there had been establishing the Comic Con Germany GmbH, under which the event will now be carried out.

The German Comic Con would like to announce in July 2015, the first star guests for the event on 5 and 6 December 2015 Dortmund. There are tickets for the event on

Also in the German Comic Con, it seems the way to act is not an official branch of the US original. At least such a claim is not of the opinion of the Cool contention UG produced - unlike it implies about the press release Comic Con Germany.

Original message: The trade fair location Germany gets further growth in 2015. Having already announced in early June 2015 that the world's largest eSports Festival 2016 will come to Germany for the first time with DreamHack Leipzig, now follows also the Comic Con.

Germany is in June 2016 ready. In the largest and most modern exhibition hall Stuttgart Exhibition will be held on 25 and 26 June 2016 the first Comic Con Germany place. And with established agencies that focus among other things, the well-known events FedCon and RingCon.

will be present then up to 30 Hollywood actors from various TV shows and movies. There will be, among others, autograph and photo sessions. James Marsters, known have already confirmed by the role of the vampire Spike in the series Buffy - the Vampire Slayer, Robert Picardo on Star Trek Voyager and Stargate Atlantis and Nicole de Boer, the one in the movies Cube and Suck - Bis (s) saw success and in leading roles of the series Dead zone and Star Trek - Deep Space Nine.

In addition, there will be a comic zone, present their work in the signatory. And of course there is a cosplay Village and on 25 June 2016 a great Cosplay Parade.

Tickets and further information on the Comic Con Germany is available on the official show website.

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