Rainbow Six: Siege - trailer for Skull Rain Update: What is new?Rainbow Six: Siege - trailer for Skull Rain Update: What is new?

Rainbow Six: Siege gets 12 October 2016 update to version 4.3 with some improvements. The two most important points: A new network infrastructure and stricter rules against Team Killer.

The patch creates a new version of the internal network libraries the foundation for future improvements of the connection quality. In coming updates connection problems should be able to be more easily resolved, the statement in the patch notes.

This is a new technology that allows you to experiment, so there is a risk that they would roll back the version to 4.2, there should be problems with the update, so Ubisoft. It is the first step on the way to a more reliable online service.

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In addition, the measures to detect and punish killers team were tightened. These aim in particular at players who deliberately and repeatedly killing teammates. To access the following standard penalties for Team Kills, once a player a comrade twice has killed:

  • First offense: Kick (Casual), 15-minute spell & Renown penalty (Ranked)
  • Second offense: matchmaking spell for 30 minutes
  • Third violation: matchmaking spell for 2 hours
  • Fourth offense: matchmaking spell for 24 hours
  • Fifth offense: matchmaking spell for 7 days

Ubisoft explicitly points out that against these penalties no appeal may be lodged. In addition, in version 4.3, an exploit against the Caveira interrogation is resolved. Previously, players could circumvent the ability by briefly leaving the matches during the current animation.

The Ani-Cheat system BattlEye also received an update. In addition, many bugs were fixed, a complete list is available on the official forum of Rainbow Six victories.

Rainbow Six: SiegeRainbow Six: Siege
Rainbow Six: Siege

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