Ghost Recon Wildlands - gameplay trailer for the update 5.0 with Tier 1 ModeGhost Recon Wildlands - gameplay trailer for the update 5.0 with Tier 1 Mode

Ubisoft now has the free update 5.0 for the tactical shooter Ghost Recon: published Wildlands. The highlight is likely to be the new Tier 1 mode probably.

This mode is mainly aimed experienced or hardcore players, looking for new challenges. Once a player has reached level 30, he can activate the Tier 1 mode. From that point on, he collects points rather than experience the Tier points with which he can beginning to rise from rank 50 to rank first

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Opponents learn to

With each new rank the game becomes more difficultThe opponents are attentive hand out more damage and are no longer as easy to defeat. It is also possible to upgrade the weapons previously collected resources in several stages in order to be able to face the challenges better.

Players can the Tier 1 mode at any time deactivate the progress is always saved. You can find a trailer with gameplay scenes above this message.

Furthermore provides the update 5.0 for Ghost Recon: Wildlands some bug fixes and UI changes. Here is an overview:

Patch Notes for Ghost Recon: Wildlands v5.0


  • The reason for a discovery is now displayed above the mini-map.


  • Fixed a bug where the player could use for the cure by a medical drone no drone or no binoculars.
  • Correction of an error, took in the vehicles only minor damage when they were attacked at a distance.
  • Fixed bug where the Stoner LMG folding stock had received an incorrect position information in the equipment.
  • Fixed bug where the Flüsterpistole had no muffler and opponents alerted when the player she used.


  • An unusual sound was heard next to a ruined hut ...
  • Correcting an error in which the M9 pistol generated with or without the same noise silencer.


  • Fixed bug where the followers icon was missing on the tactical map.


  • Correction of an error, in which the player was discovered by non-player characters when shot at long distance with a crossbow.


  • Fixed bug occurred in which excessive in cases Ghosts in certain weather types lighting, if the option Improved radiation beam was activated.
  • Fixed a bug in which was displayed in the selection of left-handed mouse on the tactical map right click instead of left click for flash trip.
  • Fixed a bug where the game did not catch when a Xbox One controller was removed while the game was not in focus.
  • Fixed a bug in which was not displayed on the Befehlsrad the mouse click as a speed dial key skills.
  • Fixed a bug in which every game launch a pop-up window has been displayed regarding Easy Anti Cheat, when the User Account Control in Windows was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the game ran through the rapid closing of NVIDIA Ansel only with one frame per second.

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Ghost Recon: WildlandsGhost Recon: Wildlands
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