Immediately clans of Destiny can be transferred to Destiny 2 firstImmediately clans of Destiny can be transferred to Destiny 2 first

Even before the online shooter Destiny 2 is ever in the store, it is already possible to create clans or to take over.

Already in Destiny 1 played Clans an important role. This is a group of players who join together to jointly take specific content of the shooter in attack and to keep in touch with each other. Because of that - and much more - even with Destiny 2 is to be the case, there is now the possibility already to take over existing clans from the predecessor.

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That's what happens when communities transfer

To this end, Bungie has now made a tool available to guide by which clan leader migrate their grouping in the way. But they still have time until August 23, 2017. Who performs such a migration, causes the deletion of the current group on All group members that are not located in the communities, are then removed. After that, the import into Destiny carried 2. The management of the clan is done the way via in-game menu and not on the official website.

By the way, there are some limitations: Clans may only a maximum of 100 members have also several clans can no longer form alliances. The transfer is purely optional, but especially for the clans interesting who want to retain their familiar structure to the start of Destiny second

Further details about the transfer, please see the FAQ section of the official website.

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