Assassin's Creed Film - Erster Trailer zur Spieleverfilmung mit Michael FassbenderAssassin's Creed Movie - First Trailer for Games film with Michael Fassbender

Games films have been Nintendo's "Super Mario Bros" (1993) has a more moderate reputation and are stronger in criticism than other films. Recently had the experience of elaborate fabrication Warcraft movie directed by Duncan Jones leidig, the rather poor got away with the film critics. Still, the fantasy spectacle far one played more than 422 million US dollars worldwide at the box office.

Now another movie after a popular video game series promises to be for the end of Assassin's Creed. Here, too, millions of fans look captured on the implementation by director Justin Kurzel (Macbeth) with Michael Fassbender (X-Men) in the lead role.

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The aim is the movie made by Ubisoft, makers of the game series of the same name, not primarily make big money, confirms Ubisoft's European head Alain Corre against the British trade magazine MCV. Rather, the film is used as a Part of the marketing considered that the franchise "Assassin's Creed" against a wider audience to make known and thus new players wins. He picks already anticipated the film critics and critical fans.

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What you got so far from the action film "Assassin's Creed" to face, to be proud of. Only recently were two new screenshots with Michael Fassbender published as Assassin. Also, the first trailer gives a promising first impression, which is immersed in proper style in the world of games. Nevertheless, there are here and there a few changes to the video game, which are hotly debated among fans.

Assassin's Creed film
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Assassin's Creed film
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Assassin's Creed film
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It is clear that the film's plot its own path goes: Michael Fassbender is in Callum Lynch is being kidnapped by a secret society and to relive the genetic memories of his ancestors with the help of a computer. As Aguilar Callum discovered in Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in the 15th century a mysterious secret society: the Assassins.

Also starring Marion Cotillard play as Sophia Rikkin and Jeremy Irons as the well-known from the games Alan Rikkin and Brendan Gleeson, Ariane Labed and Michael K. Williams.

A German theatrical release is scheduled for 5 January 2017th

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