Slim is one of the new fighter, appearing on 31 March 2015 for the multiplayer shooter Evolve.Slim is one of the new fighter, appearing on 31 March 2015 for the multiplayer shooter Evolve.

Just yesterday we reported that on 31 March 2015. both a new monster and four new fighters for the multiplayer shooter Evolve will appear. Meanwhile, the developer Turtle Rock Studios has in this respect been some further details known.

The Behemoth monster is like a huge rock on two legs - a 6.40 meter high rock to be exact. If this colossus stretches his arms sideways, he has a range of a total of about 15 meters. Furthermore, it can be rolled into a boulder, which reaches a maximum speed of over 50 kilometers per hour. In addition, he can fire bombs and with its extremely long tongue to catch even opponents in 43 meters distance. A teaser video of the Behemoth, see below this message

But also to the four new fighters, some new details are known, we have put together in a small overview for you.

  • Torvald - A new representative of the Assault class; Cyborg with a mortar gun instead of an arm
  • Crow - Trapper with a winged animal to detect monsters and a Stasi Cannon
  • Slim - Genetically modified Medic sucks his leech gun, the force of the monsters
  • Sunny - The Supporterin draws with a grenade launcher and a jetpack boost in the fight

Also available two free maps »Broken Hill Mine" and "Broken Hill Foundry", but only for Xbox One owners are on 31 March. PC and PS4 players must wait a month longer for the free tickets will be made available on 30 April.

Screenshots of the new monsters can now be found in our online gallery on

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Evolve - Screenshots DLC Jäger JackEvolve - Screenshots DLC Jäger Jack
Evolve - Screenshots DLC Jäger Jack

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