The equipment of the ECO system

It does not always need brute computing power, therefore, the PC world to the descent into hell an ecosystem to the side, which is housed on the right side of the housing. The energy-efficient second system is almost completely on AMD technology, his heart is the AMD A10-7800. The APU into a single chip four-core CPU, cache, graphics logic, RAM controller and data lines for a direct connection of displays, and peripherals RAM.

The current in the 45-watt eco mode 3.5 GHz quad-core integrates the 720 MHz fast graphics unit AMD Radeon R7 512 shader units. The APU takes A88XM-Plus Place in the Asus motherboard, the CPU graphics unit are sorted once DVI-D, HDMI and VGA present. The board has an integrated 7.1 sound chip and offers, among other Gigabit LAN, eight SATA 3, four USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ten times.

The DDR3 memory with lifetime warranty is also from AMD. The two latches AMD Radeon R9 Gamer Series with 8 Gbyte run in dual channel mode with effective 2400 MHz. This produces for the eco-system, a theoretical memory transfer rate of up to 38.4 GB / s.

Teufel Concept C 300 BE WirelessCM Storm Sirus CCM Storm Reaper and RX Storm Mech&# 8203;

Teufel Concept C 300 BE WirelessAlso, the ECO system is a complete sound system. The Teufel Concept C 300 BE Wireless comes with USB sound card almost entirely without cables.

CM Storm Sirus CFor playing and communicating, you can access the 2.2 headset Cooler Master Storm Sirus C.

CM Storm Reaper and RX Storm MechThe input devices CM Storm Reaper and RX Storm Mech, the manufacturer puts on chic and stylish accents in aluminum.

As a system disk serve two 480 GB SSDs from - you guessed it - AMD. The new AMD Radeon R7 Series is based on the Indilinx Barefoot controller 3 in combination with 19 nm-Toshiba flash memory. In the test, the SSD data rates of over 500 MB / s and access times of a maximum of 0.03 milliseconds achieved. The two AMD SSDs are configured either in the fast RAID 0 or failsafe Raid-1 mode. For mass storage, and the eco-system of the Blu-ray burner Asus BW-16D1HT stands aside. The partially modular power supply Enermax Platimax provides 600 watts at peak loads up to 660 watts peak power and, thanks "80 PLUS Platinum" seal of approval very energy efficient.

Also the ecosystem has its own peripherals: The 2.2 channel headset headset Cooler Master CM Storm Sirus-C sitting in both ear cups each have a 44 and 40-millimeter drivers to enable powerful bass and crystal clear highs - whether in games, movies or Music. In addition, PC World sent with a 2.1 speaker set from Teufel: The Concept C 300 BE Wireless has built-in USB sound card to enable wireless playback from the eco-system for 300-watt speaker.

The keyboard CM Storm Mech comes complete in an elegant and sturdy aluminum construction. Up to 75 macros are available in five profiles. The mouse CM Storm Reaper has a resolution of 8200 DPI, all eight buttons can be assigned and secure along with the created profiles in the onboard memory in the driver.

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Games package and conditions of participation

To be able to use the hardware sense, is the infernal machine 6, a game package with over 30 titles and a total value of around 1,500 euros at.To be able to use the hardware sense, is the infernal machine 6, a game package with over 30 titles and a total value of around 1,500 euros at.

Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia donated the matching games fabric of the infernal machine 6: In gaming package are over 30 titles included that cover almost all genres. The total value of game collection is around 1,350 euros, but still the colleagues of the PC world count on one or the other stragglers and aiming therefore to the round sum of 1,500 euros. In the package, among other things, the Collectors Edition of place Titanfall, Ryse: Son of Rome, watchdogs, Far Cry 4, Assassins Creed: Unity, FIFA 15 and more many games.

You can find many videos to the infernal machine and all information to participate in the draw for the colleagues of the PC world at the following links. We wish good luck!

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