At the beginning of The Void, you are dead. And stuck in the middle in a gray no man's land of emptiness. A female voice whispers to you a poem in his ear. You get instructions whose meaning they initially do not understand. You can find all this rather strange. At this point you have to let go, just forget what you have been driven in games, drifting themselves.

Just follow the instructions, the rest is then given - possibly. Or take the DVD from the drive and pop in the corner. But wait, you have to later occasion and opportunity.

The VoidThe Void
The Void

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Beautiful women brutes

But you move now first in the first-person shooter with current control through the tutorial of The Void. The basic elements of the game are quickly learned. By right-clicking collect seven different colors (called lymph) of shimmering objects, such as plants or small creatures. The tutorial takes you directly to the first of many beautiful women. These princesses of emptiness you should listen well, help you.

The Void in the test - Action-adventure with lots of bare skin

Whereas in fact? Well, you need to collect in your many hearts and processed there to Nerva, the universal energy of emptiness, the collected lymph. The different types of Nerva sid the only way to communicate, initiate actions or to fight. namely you seek the guardians of the princesses and their henchmen after the rest of life. And even if you run out of Nerva, it's over with gray void, then it's pitch-dark.

They interact by drawing with mouse movements glyphs on the monitor 21 of which they learn in the course of the game. The system works much like the magic characters in the RPG Arx Fatalis.

stylish world

The Void in the test - Action-adventure with lots of bare skin

To bring in The Void gradually in 35 portions, the so-called cycles, the void with your Nerva shine. They fight the guards of the gray sphere and free the beautiful princesses that present as thanks for a massage with the appropriate Nerva your (almost) revealed stimuli. You struggle with time limits and orientation difficulties and the continuous and unsuccessful search for a common thread.

The graph of The Void is usually not very detailed and sometimes even boring, but achieved especially in the Nerva lighting effects and in the battles with the sometimes huge and bizarre exaggerated guards stylistic highlights. The same applies to the menus, the confused structure, although annoying, but they are organically intertwined with the rest of the game.

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