The X45 Saitek is a control system of joystick and throttle. The two interconnected through a 1.5 meter long cable components are fully equipped: DC four Cooliehats stand for visibility, weapons selection, mouse control and other functions. Below you will find seven programmable fire buttons, two knobs and a rocker to control the Z-axis. A switch for the little finger of the right hand is used to replace the Shift key to enable fast access to doubly occupied keyboard functions. A twist function however, is missing.

Our practical test of X45 started with an easy installation via USB port. But ergonomic and functional Schnitzer tarnish the image: The knobs on the thrust control are difficult to reach. And heated maneuvers we often triggered unintentionally from the shift switch. A lack of stability with jerky movements and the lack of twist function make the X45 for action games unsuitable. Hobbypiloten on peaceful civilian flights are sure to functionality and appearance have their joy.