The known YouTube Fine Brothers wanted to protect the term React - much to the dismay of the Internet community. The current The known YouTube Fine Brothers wanted to protect the term React - much to the dismay of the Internet community. The current "Shit Storm" to the action has developed an unfavorable momentum.

That it's not a very good idea to protect general terms trademark, just Sony realized: The console manufacturers and game developers wanted to secure the notion of widespread and frequently used "Let's Play" and thus brought much of the gaming and YouTube -Gemeinde on against him. Besides a battered reputation, the action has the group finally brought nothing: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) rejected the claim.

And the Fine Brothers have now entered into such a faux pas: In the already volatile situation around the Let's-play trademark application known for their React videos entertainers tried the verb "react" ( "respond") to obtain protection under trademark law. Reason: They wanted to collect license fees that other companies make videos based on the own React concept.

Within React videos of Fine Brothers Entertainment (Kids react to, "" Teens react to, "etc.") often innocent children or young people are placed in front of the camera and filmed as they respond to other videos, video games or technology. For use obsolete equipment such as the Game Boy or NES came as today. The original format but was gradually expanded and diversified considerably wider today. The basic concept is very popular and even made it into one or another television program.

Although these business background like plausible seem the Internet responded very irritated on brand protection application: Both the social news aggregator Reddit as well as through other social media channels such as Facebook, many users vented their anger and even called for a boycott against Fine Brothers Entertainment - with significant consequences: The two YouTube channels React and Fine Brohters Entertainment, which both belong to the Fine brothers, for days are rapidly losing subscribers - to watch live in a specially set up to live stream.

a little later posted justification video also changed at the hostile atmosphere against the two entertainers and YouTuber nothing: Once in motion, there was for the triggered Shitstorm no stopping. A Reddit post, where the Fine Brothers profess to want to start with the TRADEMARK nothing wrong, was largely unheard.

Actually TRADEMARK application should be made on February 2, 2016 the USPTO for public discussion. To this, it is now no longer expected to come: Fine Brothers Entertainment has given in to public pressure, released a comprehensive apology and announced to withdraw the trademark application for protection.

Youtube - React Trademark Trial caused Shitstorm