Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade still officially until July 29, 2016thWindows 10 is available as a free upgrade still officially until July 29, 2016th

update: The many gamers for his work on gaming magazines and entertaining German translations known Boris Schneider-Johne now works as a product manager for Windows 10 at Microsoft Germany. On Twitter, he has now made the upgrade objectors that there is a small tool and a guide at Heise that can prevent the upgrade to Windows 10 with a double-click.

At the same time, he also stressed that the upgrade will be only about six months free and declares on demand, that he would not listen to the speculation emanating from an extension of the free upgrade action. The July 31, 2016 remains the date. Microsoft calls on its website currently still 29 July 2016th

Source: Boris Schneider-Johne (Twitter)

Original message: Microsoft has released the official goal is to reach the huge number of one billion units by 2018, on which the current operating system Windows runs 10th Including more than 200 million according to latest figures are already achieved, but this has especially contributed to the free potential upgrade. This offer for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, however, will expire in six months on July 29, 2016 - at least Microsoft has not yet announced any other plans.

However, the Microsoft expert Ed Bott can not imagine that Microsoft will charge for the upgrade already this year money. Although the company have often acted in recent years so, but for financial reasons, there is little need to adjust the upgrade. Purchasable upgrades for Windows have contributed no significant contribution to sales of Microsoft in the past.

It would also be counter-productive, of all of the Windows 7 users who have refused the upgrade to 29 July 2016 and then to demand even a fee for it. So that Microsoft would almost guarantee that these users change for years on Windows 10th Similarly, it would look even with an unlimited extension of the free upgrade path. In order for the Windows 7 user could move the upgrade again, ultimately would have the same effect as a fee.

therefore Bott believes that Microsoft will move the deadline and keeps 17 July 2017 the most likely date. On this day, Intel will set the extensive support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, when a processor from the Intel Skylake generation as the Core i7 6700K or even one of the upcoming Zen processors from AMD is in the computer. To ensure that this date would also be ideal as a last resort for a free upgrade to Windows 10, which supports both the new CPUs in full.

Source: ZDnet

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