Steam Family Sharing is now available for all Steam users and allows the sharing of own Steam games with friends and family.Steam Family Sharing is now available for all Steam users and allows the sharing of own Steam games with friends and family.

Until now it was at Steam not possible to borrow games from your personal library to friends or family members unless they gave all his credentials, including password award - which is, according to the conditions of use of Steam not allowed. Apart from a hypothetical second user had indeed access to all games of the account, but also on the chat window, buddy lists, address data stored or even the steam balance. In addition, in a (illegal) double use of an account all game progress, reservoir levels and successes are logically linked to this account.

Steams new "Family Sharing" addresses precisely this and allows the sharing of games library of an account for up to five users to a maximum of ten devices. Do you want to borrow, for example, a friend of one of your games, you have to log on his PC with your account first. While you are logged in with your account, see "Settings / family" your friend, normally marked with a hook the account name. You must have "this computer to authorize the button" and then click "OK". Your friend's PC will now be added to the list of authorized for your account computer, from now your friend can download, install and play the games you have purchased. This, however, he must be in online mode, split games can not be started by the borrower in offline mode.

To enable Family Sharing, click To enable Family Sharing, click "Steam / Settings" and in the tab "family." There, you put a hook in the account you want to authorize. You will only accounts that had already been logged on the system. Additionally, click "Authorize this computer" and "Ok". Now the PC owners can log in with their account and use your game library.

Must also be enabled on the account of the owner of the account protection "Steam Guard", otherwise the Family Sharing feature does not appear in the menu. As mentioned above, both the owners and the borrowing end users must have at least once logged on to authoritative PC, otherwise the owner of the games can not add the new user. The friends of the owner plays no role in "Family Sharing".

Also note that only games can be given that use steam as the primary copy protection system. games like Far Cry 3 (Uplay) or DIRT 3 (Windows Live) that are bonded to another, Steam external account and thus to a further copy protection system, can not be shared. DLCs ​​or add-ons, however, are for loan, but a guest user can purchase additional DLCs, as long as he does not possess the basic game itself. In-game purchases are possible for all guest users, but can not be shared with each other, but remain subject to the respective account.

Tip: A game library can (actually) are not used in parallel so that simultaneous games is not possible - at least not if the owner of the lending accounts Steam starts in online mode. Because then, the owner of the shared library always take precedence over the lending users. Will the owner start a game, although parallel to the second user uses its games library has these 5 minutes to finish his game before it closes automatically. but the owner logs into Steam in offline mode, and the second user can continue his session. Scores, achievements and unlocks are linked to the respective account for all games.

Note: If a guest user is caught in a rented game at cheating or cheating, including the account of the owner can be banned or punished. Accordingly, careful you should proceed with the selection of guest users.

For the IWT of Steams Family Sharing first log in with your account on the computer of the lending user to. Note that the guest user must have previously registered at least once on your system.Steam Guard is enabled in the owner account, otherwise Family Sharing does not work. Will Steam Guard subsequently disabled by the primary user, all users can not access the shared games.
To enable Family Sharing, go to

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