Ubisoft presents with this trailer the new map Myeok Tower Rainbow Six: Siege before that will appear as part of Operation White Noise. In addition to the new map three other operators are added.

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The designers put on a developer blog the map more precisely and explain that it is a communications tower in Seoul, South Korea. meet in the tower classic Korean Architecture and modern office facilities on each other. "We always try to have a contrast in the cards. Modern and old school, the duality of styles, "explains art director Gregory Fromenteau.

the fighting at a height of several hundred meters, that play will not only provide visual variety. So players should get a sense of vertigo by some interiors can only be reached from the outside. Therefore, the gameplay on Myeok Tower will particularly through vertical gameplay distinguished. Despite its size, the developers have the goal that the firefights especially in the center of the chart to take place. 

A release date has not yet Myeok Tower. On November 19, however, the Opertation White Noise during the Pro League Finals will be fully presented.