EA is considering to end the annual release rhythm of FIFA and Madden.EA is considering to end the annual release rhythm of FIFA and Madden.

Electronic Arts published for over 20 years, every year a new version of its sports game series FIFA and Madden NFL. According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson so, however, could soon be an end. Instead of an annual release would be with the two series a Update or subscription model conceivable.

In an interview with Bloomberg Wilson explained that the two games as a "365 days of live Service" could develop. As the game sales anyway move more and more towards online stores and fewer and fewer people buy disc versions, would seem a reversal to even more Internet content.

FIFA as a game as a Service

So perhaps we need in the future, do not wait more months to a new FIFA with more or less new gameplay modes and revised squad updates, but regularly receive large patches through which the game is up to date. Thus we need a periodic fee would happen to us so that we the Game as a Service may continue to use.

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but Andrew Wilson called neither prices nor the agenda, when this idea could be implemented. In any case, it is not clear whether the model will be implemented at all one day, you "think only about it."

However, it would not be surprising if EA Sports really implement this plan one day. After all, EA earned with the Ultimate Team modes FIFA, Madden and NHL each year about 800 million US dollars. Through various events and specials that Sammelkartenmodi are now held throughout the year alive.

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What do you think of the model? FIFA would you subscribe and pay regular fees for updates? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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