Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis replaced after 17 years of DC Comics.Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis replaced after 17 years of DC Comics.

So no one was expecting well: The comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis returns after 17 successful years at Marvel comic book publishing the back and replaced as a complete surprise to the great competitor DC Comics.

We're so excited to start working with @BRIANMBENDIS!

- DC (@DCComics) November 7, 2017

This is real. I love you all. Change is good. Change is healthy. I am bursting with ideas and inspirations. Details to come! Stay tuned!


hey EVERYONE, I am officially overwhelmed. Completely. Thank you for being into this. AND you have not even heard the good news yet. the good stuff hasnt even been announced. thank you to everyone @Marvel and @DCComics for making today so special. Change is good !!! #comics


After Marvel's Avengers now it goes to Batman & Co.

His career as a comic book writer began in the 1990s with his first own comic Jinx, before moving in 2000 to Marvel Comics. He should first revive the Spider-Man comics with a new series that will inspire especially a young generation of readers. For his first successful series Ultimate Spider-Man Marvels of Bendis has been awarded several times with the Eisner Award.

In his 17 years at Marvel the comic book writer Bendis already worked on numerous series such as The Avengers, New Avengers, Daredevil, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Ultimate X-Men and many more.

In addition, he has for the Marvel created superhero Jessica Jones, the comic templates is being successful for Netflix filmed as a series. Even Brian Michael Bendis has worked on some video games from Marvel.

Marvel's The Defenders - Trailer: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist & Luke Cage combinesMarvel's The Defenders - Trailer: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist & Luke Cage combines

Bring Bendis also advancing the DCEU?

With the change to the largest and strongest competitor DC Comics, the first rumors are already being raised that the comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis future also on various scenarios the next Films from the DC Extended Universe plays a major role.

Marvel chief announces surprise for 2018

The answer of his former Marvel chief Joe Quesada Quesadaoe was not long in coming. He congratulates Brian Michael Bendis via Twitter to switch to DC Comics. He regrets the departure of a longtime friend and wish him well for the future.

At the same time he tries to calm the Marvel comic book fans and promises for next year some surprises. Still, he would not reveal what will be the exact.

I want to thank @BRIANMBENDIS for all the years of hard work, creativity and more importantly friendship.

- JoeQuesada (@JoeQuesada) November 7, 2017

While I will miss having him undoubtedly, at Marvel I want to congratulate Bri on his upcoming gig at DC and wish him nothing but success

- JoeQuesada (@JoeQuesada) November 7, 2017

And for the Marvel faithful, while this kind of news can seem like a good punch it's all good and stay tuned

- JoeQuesada (@JoeQuesada) November 7, 2017

2018 is going to be great year to be a comic book fan so strap in kids it's gonna be a hell of a ride and I do not want you falling out.

- JoeQuesada (@JoeQuesada) November 7, 2017