The iPhone X display has problems with rapid temperature changes.The iPhone X display has problems with rapid temperature changes.

Most electronic products have a temperature range in which they function properly. The iPhone X number of buyers over the last week but found that making the new Apple smartphone to create rapid temperature changes.

According to Apple, the iPhone X should like other iOS devices will still operate between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius, but now there are reports that temperatures within this range can cause problems.

Poor touch detection after changing into the open

Reddit example, there is a report, according to which it is sufficient to withdraw from a warm interior in the much colder outside and the display of the iPhone X no longer good or do not react within two seconds to touch inputs.

According to other reports, the problem is worse the higher the temperature difference fails. A Finnish users reported having to wait up to five minutes, until the iPhone X will again work correctly with outside temperatures of -1 degrees Celsius. As a workaround, the locking and unlocking the iPhone X to help - if that is at all possible because of the problem.

Apple promises a software update

Meanwhile, Apple has responded to the reports and issued a statement to The Loop. Therein the problem is confirmed at a rapid temperature change from hot to cold, but noted that the display responds after a few seconds.

Also, that the problem is solved with a future software update is promised. So, according to this statement is not a hardware failure, but a software problem. When Apple will release a fix for the iPhone X, is not yet known.