Nexus Mod Manager and Creation Kit? We clarify how the Mods with Skyrim: Special Edition work.Nexus Mod Manager and Creation Kit? We clarify how the Mods with Skyrim: Special Edition work.

Since 28 October, the Skyrim is: Special Edition available on Steam. Each of the previously had the main game with DLC or Legendary Edition owned, receives the whole thing even as a free upgrade - including prettier graphics with sharper textures and better lighting and shadow effects. As the total package cuts so can be read in our test.

Important for PC gamers is also the question of how and whether can download mods for the Special Edition and install it. No wonder the RPG of 2011 did not survive so long without reason: Over the years, is a considerable collection come together to created by the community mods.

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As it stands with the general mod support, we've already covered in our article on the subject. It should therefore go again in detail about how to mods Special Edition Creating and installing can whether the Nexus Mod Manager still works and what it is all about with the Creation Kit from Bethesda:

Skyrim Special Edition - Angespielt: For whom is the HD version is worth?Skyrim Special Edition - Angespielt: For whom is the HD version is worth?

download, update and manage Mods

To date, Skyrim mods were comfortable on the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) and install it in nexusmods. This will be possible with the Skyrim SE, but it will take a while for the most important mods for Skyrim SE are optimized and also work combined with each other. When and if mods like Enderal or the popular interface mods SkyUI will be available to transport clients, so is still unclear. At least the total conversion Enderal there will be, according to the developers for the time being not apply to the SE.

There may still be Kompatibiltätsproblemen and difficulties with the mod-sequence current with the NMM. The popular manager based on the Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) and provides the convenience of downloading, managing and combining various mods from nexusmods. Since it is an open source program, it is also possible for anyone to view the code and edit it within the GPL license and change.

Skyrim - Instructions: aufhübschen Skrim with graphics modsSkyrim - Instructions: aufhübschen Skrim with graphics mods

install the Nexus Mod Manager:

  • The current beta version of NMM for Skyrim SE can be downloaded at nexusmods, to but you have a free account Create in the mod community.
  • If you have installed the program after installation instructions, it scans your own computer to compatible games. Will it be used only in Skyrim, you simply place in all other games a red X.
  • Skyrim is found, confirm the path just a green check mark and click on OK. Is Skyrim or the Special Edition still fresh install, it may be that you both start before first needs to ensure that the configuration files (.ini) are created in the installation folder.
  • Then it is advisable to own to secure scores, which can be found Documents / My Games / Skyrim "in the user folder." Mod categories of clarity, for the time being should not be created.

install mods with the NMM:

  • Mods work together via the manager of download nexusmods and then over the blue jigsaw puzzle icon with the green plus of NMM in Interface to install.
  • When you open the mod it by selecting the installation folder, it appears after a short loading time with a red cross in the Mod-list the program. It must be activated. This works on the jigsaw puzzle icon with the green arrow.
  • So we do it with all desired mods then each with a green check mark appear in the list. Will we asked if we want to overwrite all files, we always confirm with "yes".
  • Perhaps it can, depending on the mod yet Special dialog box give. If, for example, be a package with several mods or upgrade version, we choose when overriding the safety always 'no' to enable the files to be installed separately.

An overview of the already functioning Mods can be found on the associated nexusmods page.

Easy to play: Thus Scores of Skyrim can take

Who Browsed there already is a good selection of mods (though not compared to the original): Among them are a fan patch for the Bugs in the role play, To activate a mod around the Achievements despite mods or a character makeover. A look at our bug video reveals that at least the first mod is already not a bad idea. Skyrim Skyrim remains flat.

Skyrim: Special Edition - Skyrim Skyrim remains - with bugs and glitchesSkyrim: Special Edition - Skyrim Skyrim remains - with bugs & glitches

create mods and duplicate for Skyrim SE

For mod creators offers itself in the Special Edition, the already known from the beta Creation Kit from Bethesda at. This is now all users in Bethesda launcher available, dip it not there to help if necessary a restart. The popular Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) currently does not with the special edition, even if the mod team has been working diligently on a solution. So promises the 64-bit version although a more stable performace, but provides the modders also some technical challenges.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, you should activate the file CreationKit.ini under [General] after installation bAllowMultipleMasterLoads = 1st You can find the file in the installation folder the Special Edition.

What is there to be observed:

  • So that it can launch the Creation Kit has to the same disk as the Special Edition to be installed
  • The CK can also use it to Mods to convert for the Skyrim SE: Easy to duplicate the mods and create a suitable site in nexusmods is not enough and there are risks for users and play with it. Before you should obtain precise information about transferring and functioning with Special Edition themselves why. The Mod side even with nexusmods can easily duplicate it on a tool with pictures and information.
  • For the installation will reflect actual Launcher needed later, the CK can then start regardless separately.
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