cruising enjoyable course you can with Logitech's new G25. Much better the limited 300-euro luxury steering wheel and successor of Momo Force feels, however, while demanding gas-brake maneuver as in GTR 2. With a 900-degree steering (1.5 turns in each direction), a massive pedals included coupling and three switch variants (Tiptronic, sequential, six-speed) Logitech wants to slow down the competition - Gentlemen, start your engines.

Build up

Mounting and connection of the Logitech G25 follow the steering wheels of other known system, in this case, reliable screw for tables to 5 cm thickness. Defects show up in depending on the situation to short cables between the pedals and steering wheel as well as between the steering wheel and PC. In addition, the stripping are hard-wired from the steering wheel to the PC from the switch module to the steering wheel and the pedals to the steering wheel, which can result in hectic moments to cable damage. Since the strain relief helps limited next to the terminals on the steering wheel - especially as they further shorten the cable lengths.


Via the driver interface, you can demonstrate the G25 switch keyboard shortcuts or keystrokes depending on the game. also if needed per game - further can be at this point of maximum steering angle from 40 to 900 degrees and the force feedback strength configure. In the test with GTR 2 and TOCA Race Driver 3 that worked properly.