We reveal all you need to know about the Steam Trading Cards.We reveal all you need to know about the Steam Trading Cards.

The man is a hunter-gatherer ever since. In prehistoric times, he has hunted mammoths, later shrunken heads, scalps, weapons, stamps and shoes. In today's somewhat optimistic called information age era, people are increasingly gathering virtual goods: Number of points when shopping, Likes on YouTube or achievements in games. And knick-knacks on Steam.

Steam has brought the trend to pixel hoarding into a kind of art form: About special offers and the so-called Steam Sales of Pile of Shame (unplayed games of the pile shamefully in our library) is growing into new, unimagined heights. This can, however, even further to the extreme, thought Valve, and led in addition Trading cards, booster packs, gems and badges on. What did you hear about all that stuff, we'll tell you now.

The history of steam: the origin and rise of Steam (Plus)

trading cards

For each game on Steam, which supports trading cards, there is a set of cards. The number varies and can range from five (z. B. Grim Dawn) to more than 13 cards (eg. B. Path of Exile). These cards are basically virtual images to the game, which are sometimes more, sometimes less appealing designed. The Half of the possible trading cards get you through random cards discoveries while playing, so-called free cards.

In the badge index we see the collective progress for each card sets.In the badge index we see the collective progress for each card sets.

But beware: The cards are not available in each game, but only on Steam! Because it but simply involves a certain amount of time you have spent in the game, it is also possible to make the game easy running in the background and wait. Every now and then you can get a card in your Steam Inventory laid.

There is at cards Find a chance that this is the card is a rare version with a frame, a so-called Shine card. Which are worth on the market more and see (perhaps) better, but otherwise have no significant advantages.

However, you can not set fill up only by card finds. Do you have any cards found that there is to be found, no further free card and you need to drop the remaining cards on Booster packs or the Community market purchase.

Individual cards can be converted into precious or sell Community market. Another option is the conversion of a complete set in a badge.


Badges are icons that you can collect for your account. There are various community badges, such as community ambassadors: For that you have to complete a series of tasks, such as posting a screenshot on Steam or enable Steam Guard. There is also the option of converting complete sets of cards to a badge. Badges bring experience points that increase your Steam level. Higher Steam-level switch larger friends lists and should allow the customization of your profile page, for example, a wallpaper or a showcase box (in which you present about your favorite game or statistics).

Steam Badges we receive, among other things, the completion of card sets. Besides experience points, there are other rewards for the badge.Steam Badges we receive, among other things, the completion of card sets. Besides experience points, there are other rewards for the badge.

a to produce badges, and navigate through your profile name in the menu "badge". Here you can see which cards to hold and which are still missing. If you have a full set, the "Ready" button will appear next. Click on it, you will be redirected to the set index and select the button "badge produced" at.

The production brings in addition to the markings on usually some rewards with it: A fitting for the game emoticon (can be traded, sold or used in chats), a random, also suitable for the game background image for the profile page, a Chance of a discount voucher for another game (note: Vouchers have only a limited duration!) and 100 experience points for your own Steam level.

If you complete the same trading card set again and restore a badge, the old badge rises in rank up to Level Five. Each climb is rewarded with another 100 XP.

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