Mount & amp; Blade 2 promises a great sandbox. is slowly's aber Zeit für ein Release-Datum.Mount & Blade 2 promises a great sandbox. It's getting but time for a release date.

We have reported in detail in about why Mount & Blade 2: Banner Lord could be a really good open-world role-playing game. Maybe even the best medieval game last year! From playful freedom over the grandiose battle system - There is no shortage of promising features. However, one thing still remains a problem child even years: The release date.

And also to Gamescom 2017 fans will have to frown to the front again. Developers Taleworlds recently announced in a blog posting that they are also in Cologne this year no new information about the release date of Mount & want to come out Blade. 2 The reason is simple: For there is no new information.

"We have so far announced no release date, because there are none at all. We namely do not work. We are not a company that has a release date for the product sets, and then to work towards this deadline. We are Taleworlds Entertainment: We develop games because we love to do that, and we want to make as much as humanly possible. We believe that our fans deserve no less than our best, our full commitment. We do not believe to release a game before it is really ready, just because of the hype. "

A thoroughly noble attitude towards game development, but so is (we already predicted a while ago) shift to 2018 likely than ever. For all the chivalry the many fans expected to belch sour, finally, is currently still the year 2017 as the release period. The detailed reasons can be read directly on the blog, at Gamescom Taleworlds will go with a demo banner Lord at the start, which will differ slightly from the E3 presentation.

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