With this vision began in 1997 at all. (Dramatize)With this vision began in 1997 at all. (Dramatize)

Good thing I bought on this sunny afternoon in September 1997, not Bravo or Wendy, but the GameStar. This fateful day HL in a supermarket in the Bavarian Poing dump should namely characterize my entire future life. Because then I would tell today is not a day to millions of viewers what about video games, but write for little girls about horses neighing faces. Or working at Wendy.

Meanwhile, I work in the eleventh year of GameStar and was almost as long as Fan active member of the team. for when Teenager GameStar editors were my heroes. A pile madman with the same hobby who have experienced with me month after month the whole world of PC games. Tests, previews and "spaceship GameStar" were namely much more exciting than the majority of what the village youth had in Bavaria has to offer. The bizarre thing about it: I naturally thought that if I know these people and their nerdy insider jokes by heart, they know me too. But at the time the communication between editors and readers was for technical reasons still one-way.

Michael Obermeier

About the Author: Michael Obermeier
Michi moderated as host & Producer not only the daily news show on YouTube, but otherwise almost every live stream or video content that can be seen on Twitch and GameStar.de. As GameStar fan of the first hour's all for Michi honor to announce its print subscription until three years after its permanent position. So it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he just sipped it for three years.

All the breakthrough it was therefore for me to do together with GameStar first steps on the Internet. Because (which continued in Poing significantly longer than in the civilized world), I was already active at 56k modem times in GameStar.de forum. Together with the first DSL connection, I then in addition to magazine subscription also treated myself to a GameStar Premium access - and downloaded the demo version of Aquanox 2 of GameStar.de within a few hours. download a game in just one evening from the Internet - for me at that time pure science fiction.

The most important thing at this time, however, were (as almost always) not games, but the people. Not only there was at GameStar Premium with Forum Q & A sessions and editorial webcam (in retrospect a little creepy) a direct line to the editors, but also a dedicated community of like-minded. Even if the contact is largely demolished today, I fondly remember heated debates rating, tens of common multiplayer matches or LAN parties with the other premium users back. At this point, a very special greeting to the "Munich squad!"

With 56k modem, the small Michi surfs GameStar.de. Yes, sites have used to look how it is.With 56k modem, the small Michi surfs GameStar.de. Yes, sites have used to look how it is.

is so biased it so surprising also no one that the first "celebrity," I've met in life, of course, works at the GameStar. For one afternoon is the current colleague Petra Schmitz shopping calculated in the supermarket, where I spent one next to the school. While I was still considering whether and what I say to her, suddenly comes the realization: "They do not know you yet," Addressed I did so not and Petra the embarrassing anecdote first told this week.

The cassette ear!

Nevertheless Petra should be instrumental in, I'm sitting here today. Because in my High School Phase I start blogging, so online texts on village youth, games satire and film Klugscheißerei to write. And because Petra (just like ex-colleague Fabian Siegismund) blogs, to get in touch. I win a bunch of games merchandise they want even personally drop off me three villages with a draw in their blog. The meeting's but will not be back because I did not hear the doorbell, just goes my little brother on the door and Petra explained that I was not even home.

Only in 2006, it should then fold - but only by a whisker. For I am just finished high school and enroll about me a hateful political science studies. GameStar open in summer for the open house, for which I am actually invited - but only as substitutes because someone else canceled shortly before. From this visit there (unfortunately) still fremdschämige photos, but of the guided conversations (thankfully) no embarrassing recordings.

Great plansThe Holy output&# 8203;

Great plansMichi (the beardless Bubi back right) already forging bold plans for world domination as a visitor at the "Open Day 2006". They were all exceeded.

The Holy outputToday holds the signed Michi at the open house Gamestar 07/2006 in honor. Bottom right the name plates glued (from bottom to top) as a visitor, the first developer visit and as a participant in an editor-UT tournament.

Besides Petra I namely press Fabian, Christian Schmidt, Heiko blade Markus Schwerdtel and the rest of the staff a cassette ear that I really want to do an internship at GameStar.

Petra agrees (to its doom) you to help me with sample text for the application and gets me in the following weeks to proofread three terrible and a passable version of a test article to Hitman: Blood Money. however, my secret weapon is completely backfires: I cut extra for the application a Hitman test video included Conclusion part before selfmade green screen. Which settled DVD but no one looks at it.

Nevertheless, I actually get in December 2006 for an internship in the online team of GameStar.de - and break after only two lectures my political science degree from. It's redaction internal record to this day.

What I have experienced in the following ten years, I can hardly believe it places itself. I have seen wonderful games and even traveled more beautiful spots in the world. I was (once briefly) a (small) YouTube star. I crossed with Luke Skywalker lightsabers. I get from strangers on the street praise for my work. Twice even gave it in bars free beer. I have set before screaming crowds at Gamescom stages autographs and played Jenga. And I have incredibly great people to know, many of which are good, a few very good friends have become.

Because even if my job between online editing, content management, game editors and eventually video unit has changed about every two years, one thing the original team to the new generation remains constant today: Everything cool people in whom I am proud to be working with them. And who knows, maybe one of you can even 30th anniversary the same story to tell again. Then I would be ultimately for a "story of the horse," responsible.

Star Citizen: Squadron 42 - GameStar on set with Mark HamillStar Citizen: Squadron 42 - GameStar on set with Mark Hamill