Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - Video: This is how the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - Video: This is how the "new" Lootbox system

One of the most hotly discussed topics related to Star Wars Battlefront 2, the microtransactions. For real money you can set crystals as a premium currency and this in turn buy Lootboxen. However, the included unlike many competitive shooters like Rainbow Six wins, Battlefield 1 or Overwatch not only cosmetic, but relevant to the gameplay items.

Those who have completed a subscription for Origin Access can already pre-test the full version of Battlefront 2 for 10 hours and already spend money. Thus, prices fall out:

  • 500 crystals for 4.99 euros
  • 1000 crystals for 9.99 euros
  • 2100 crystals for 19.99 euros
  • 4400 Crystals for 39.00 euros
  • 12,000 crystals for 99.00 euros

Depending on the type costs a box 110-200 crystals. Average costs a Lootbox about one euro. All content and Lootboxen you can even buy with credits that you earn in the game. How exactly progress and Lootbox system works, we explain in the video above.

The Pay2Win handbrake

Following the negative fan feedback from the beta phase, the developers carried out a series of changes to make the system fairer.

The highest and most powerful stage of star charts will not come now available in Lootboxen and a level cap ensures that you can equip with a certain level stronger cards only.

With the bounty hunter card we receive up to 20 percent more combat points, earlier access to heroes and ships in the match history.With the bounty hunter card we receive up to 20 percent more combat points, earlier access to heroes and ships in the match history.

Anyone who has played for a while, can lift his star cards using the crafting system to the next level. For an upgrade to level 2 is needed level 10, star charts of stage 3 are available from the level 15 and the Epic star charts of stage 4 can be prepared from Level 20th

Despite these limitations, but it is theoretically possible to create enough real money a large deck to strong stellar maps of level 2 and 3, to invest without Time. These already offer significant bonuses such as a 15 percent higher rate of fire for the Blaster our space fighter, or 20 percent less charging time to all the capabilities of our foot soldiers.

Comment on Lootboxen in Battlefront 2: Motivation yes, but at what price?

Lootbox experiment

A video of the experiment Youtubers XFactorGaming shows the problems of the system: He bought for testing in the trial version at Origin Access 85 Lootboxen and received among other star charts 48 of stage 2, the seven star charts of stage 3, and 3915 crafting components.

He possessed by its own account within no time at and well-equipped foot soldiers and spaceships. Numerous star charts X Factor was able to bring to the class level 14 and equip various bonuses its interceptor - for example, opponents need 150 percent longer to target him with homing missiles.

The sticking point: According XFactor only about 5 hours of play were needed to reach level 15 player and already produce star charts Level 3 or to improve, which is through the many crafting components from the Lootboxen no problem. Who does not pay, comes only through arduous grind to these resources.