Breeding Season is a kind of hentai farming sex game - so to speak Harvest Moon with cartoon erotica. Despite many fans, the project is now but in the end. Guilt is a dispute between the developers.Breeding Season is a kind of hentai farming sex game - so to speak Harvest Moon with cartoon erotica. Despite many fans, the project is now but in the end. Guilt is a dispute between the developers.

For a long time the sex Farming game with the ambiguous name Breeding Season, a kind Harvest Moon blended with hentai elements for success: Despite or perhaps because of the trash-factor left fans and players monthly more than 42,000 US dollars jump to patreon donations for the title.

Now the trashy success story but has come to an abrupt end: It came to a rift between the former art director Vladimir Sandler, from which much of the graphics in the game come, and the project "Harista-Pipebomb".

What was ultimately the cause of the dispute is unclear. Both sides make in blog posts and comments with each other allegations.

The position of the project manager

The project leader claims he has signed with Sandler an incredibly generous contract. Among other things, it was agreed that the artist would retain the rights to his drawings and graphics. That was before the financial success of Breeding Season was predictable - and was "Harista-Pipebomb" ultimately claims to be fatal.

Sandler has in fact now allegedly made from the dust. With Cloud Meadow have his former art director secretly launched its own project with similar content as Breed Season, the project manager. And already during a month in which he had not yet received a salary of $ 9,000 from the patreon pot for his work on Breeding Season.

Sandler is thus the whole Team stabbed in the back and chose the most miserable of all options to exit from the current project. Among other things, the lead artist should have clamped Other Breed Season artists for the work on Cloud Meadow - and they have thereby led to believe, if it were regular work for Breeding Season.

The position of the Art Directors

Sandler sees the naturally somewhat different. There had been disagreements over the way how "Harista-Pipebomb" had led the project, the graphic designer in a blog entry. Would Breeding Season was continued as before, it would never be finished, it said. Especially since he and other employees part worked on Breeding Season 07/24 have.

Simultaneously, Sandler admits though, that cloud Meadow is his project and is based on the ideas of Breed Season. However, he had merely decided to take this step in order to preserve the spirit of the original project and to offer the players at some point something tangible. No way he had turned his back on the original project out of greed or malice.

Breed Season's end

Who is telling the truth in the end, remains open. However, the whole thing also means the end of Breeding Season: Sandler insists on his rights to his creation graphics and prohibits "Harista-Pipebomb" further use. The development of Hentai Farmer game would start as from scratch - and that apparently missing Money and resources.

For the community that is abundant pity - and that is not exactly small. A demand for such a game always seems to exist: Breeding Season was the intent on the donation tracker PledgeSociety with the second highest donation project. That it just under 42,000 US dollars revenue per month has failed, should not just other investors or lenders to attract.

A hope remains Fans but maybe: Cloud Meadow, the new project from Sandler. If it is because ever completed. And the previous Breeding Season is nevertheless still continue to download.

Breeding Season - developers controversy: sex game set despite high sales