Defeat - gameplay trailer introduces level editor and multiplayerDefeat - gameplay trailer introduces level editor and multiplayer

Together besiege: This will be possible with the Muliverse Update Defeat in the future. The developers of the Early Access game have officially unveiled the upcoming update and promise chaotic fun for up to eight players.

The multiplayer mode of Defeat will be against each other and also play cooperatively. The developers put it on dedicated servers, to let play for "PCs with less powerful hardware."

Accordingly, the player should always host of a lot in the powerful PC Has. "If the computer on which the match is running, can charge up to 500 blocks at the same time, up to 500 blocks in multiplayer also be available", the official FAQ for the game.

(Original: If the person hosting the game can handle 500 blocks in single player, then the multiplayer game therefore will handle 500 blocks, total, as well)

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is also on board a Level Editor, has benefits for both the single player and the multiplayer mode. Support via Steam Workshop, it should also give.

According to the developers, the Multiverse update is expected in third quarter 2017 appear. If the patch reaches the game, the price of the title will increase to about ten euros. Those who want to strike now, is the game currently on Steam on sale for 5.60 euros.

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What is ... Defeat? - Angespielt check with the early access versionWhat is ... Defeat? - Angespielt check with the early access version


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