Besides Ultimate Team, The Journey and the career mode Pro clubs one of the main modes of FIFA 18thBesides Ultimate Team, The Journey and the career mode Pro clubs one of the main modes of FIFA 18th

EA Sports new football simulation FIFA 18 is the end of September on the market and has already received three major updates, but a mode still suffers from major problems: Pro clubs.

As several users on Reddit and the official EA forum and several Gamestar reader report, the mode itself suffers weeks after the release still under numerous Bugs, and server and connection problems. In particular, the so-called "Captain bug" makes it almost impossible on the PC to play pro clubs. EA Sports was far from any official comment on the problems.

Of the "Captain bug" Disabled pro clubs mode

As Philip Kluge, a member of the 8,000-strong community of players and websites, explains, makes this "Captain bug" that a pro-clubs-section can start smoothly only under certain conditions:

"A normal league or cup game in Pro Clubs mode comes about only when the Captain activated before the start of Fifa game settings under the voice chat and then goes both first in the lobby, as well as in the preparation. Otherwise, only the captain, either loses connection while the others can play, or all lose connection or the game crashes.

The problem is that, even if one adheres to the guidelines of the Captains, either gets no invitation of the enemy, the captain loses connection or more players kicked out before or during the game."

You can see the bug in this video of ProLeague in which they test the Captain bug in all possible situations:

Jens Schablack complained on behalf of the Club Pro League Germany also the Handling of EA Sports with the community. Because the bug is already known for a long time and yet so far everyone Fix missing:

"This problem already existed in the early days of FIFA 17 but was then eliminated by an early patch, then no longer occurred. All the more surprising it was for us now in FIFA 18 that this issue could find its way into the code again."

EA Sports releases an official statement

Despite the current three updates from FIFA 18, where even some errors in Pro Clubs mode have been fixed, the captain bug still annoys the communities and disrupts their league play.

Moreover, this is not the only bug afflicts Pro Clubs. In the Pro-League forums we found Another problem reports, such that the Virtual sometimes services are not well written by Pros completed games or gaming radar is barely usable.

At our request, we have EA Sports is no official statement get on the problems of the pro clubs mode, but were merely on the already known workaround for the bug Captain referenced (the captain must activate the voice chat and be the first to go to the game installation). However, this solution does not come from EA Sports itself, but was discovered by a user in the EA forum.

FIFA 17 Pro Clubs - Why is this your favorite game?FIFA 17 Pro Clubs - Why is this your favorite game?

In the corresponding forum thread a Community Manager of EA has already announced in early October that you know the bug and continue working on a fix. Until when to expect a solution to the problem, but so far has not been officially communicated. Pro Club players so stay currently not much more choice but to hope that one of the next patches finally eliminates the Captain bug.

To illustrate EA Sports, FIFA how many players are affected by the weaknesses of the clubs Pro mode that ProLeague community has even launched a petition lives. So want to make sure Philip Kluge and his colleagues that EA does not completely forgets her favorite mode:

"Meanwhile, the fear makes slow wide that EA wants to leave the extinct Pro Clubs mode. We want to prevent by all means."

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