On the new Desert Map of player Unknown's Battlegrounds werden wir auch in einem Gefängnis um Chicken Dinner kämpfen.On the new Desert Map of Player's Unknown Battlegrounds we will fight in a prison to Chicken Dinner.

Since the start of early access phase of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds millions of players fight only on a single card for the coveted Chicken Dinner. It is therefore high time that we the development team of Blue Hole at last New Desert Map provides. What exactly awaits us on the map mentioned so far only "Desert Map," we can now look at some new pictures us.

Brendan 'Player Unknown "Greene via Twitter five current work-in-progress screenshots published on which, among other things, a prison, a big city can be seen with a sports stadium and ten-story building.

The team at our office in Madison have been working hard on our new desert map, and today I am excited to share some new WIP screenshots of this new terrain ... pic.twitter.com/J2Dm21715p


A final circle here would rock ... pic.twitter.com/OjqIFERDCw


Many new building types

The screenshots to result awaiting us on the Desert Map not only well-known types of buildings, as we already know from the Erangel map (the name of the first card), but also some new versions of houses and cottages. Many buildings also look as if they were still under construction or already in decay.

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When exactly the deserts map is published, is not yet clear. After all, that the new card will again be 64 square kilometers is already known. In addition to the Desert Map Blue Hole also is already working on a third card in a snowy Snow Area should be located.

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In our gallery you can check out the five new and all previously published Screenshots of Desert Map See once more precisely:

Unknown Player's Battlegrounds PUBG Wüsten MapUnknown Player's Battlegrounds PUBG Wüsten Map
Unknown Player's Battlegrounds PUBG Wüsten Map

See screenshots of the Desert Map - Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

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