The Division - Story trailer from Microsoft's PKThe Division - Story trailer from Microsoft's PK

Ubisoft has announced at its E3 press conference a new release date for The Division. After the game has already moved frequently, it is now released on March 8, 2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. In addition, in early 2016 Beta testing on all platforms listed planned - on the Xbox One, it is even in December 2015 ready.

In addition, the publisher and games developer has released three new trailers. While two of them deal with the story and some in-game battles, after all, the third all interested players the Dark Zone mode before - using some asked in-game scenes:

presented Dark Zone multiplayer trailer - The Divisionpresented Dark Zone multiplayer trailer - The Division

This is a type of PvP zone where you can not even the loyalty of their own allies be sure. As the video shows, it can be here, given the rewarding ( "legendary") prey that is quite come to fraud and intrigue.

In Europe, the Middle East and Asia fans and players can pre-order the way, two additional editions of Tom Clancy's The Division:

  • The gold Editionincludes the game, an exclusive National Guard equipment package and the Season Pass with a year of extensive enhancements and exclusive benefits.
  • The Premium Sleeper Agent Edition consists of the contents of the Gold Edition and additionally contains a large number of exclusive merchandise, including the replica of a Agentenuhr.

Pre-order customers receive in addition to the respective game version nor the dangerous equipment for its agents and will also receive guaranteed access to the upcoming beta phases. All others must log regularly and hope for approval.

For more information on the beta phases and the Season Pass content from The Division plans to Ubisoft at a later date to be announced.

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