The test for Ghost Recon: Wildlands shows: It's complicated.The test for Ghost Recon: Wildlands shows: It's complicated.

While we sneak brave heart through the jungle of Bolivia, off drug lords and bring a broken country stability, we are pursuing as an editorial team secretly a far more delicate special mission - Ghost Recon: to evaluate Wildlands reasonable. This turns out to be really tricky business. Those who, just a label of the brand "Good" or "Bad paperboard wants" on the cover of Ubisoft's new third-person shooter who fails to quickly an intricate web of pros and cons.

Here are some examples: Wildlands offers one of the Most Open Worlds ever, if it is all just plagued not by technical hiccups. At its best the sandbox creates splendid shooter experience, but the missions often go terribly monotonous.

The co-op always makes for incredibly fun and exciting buddy-experience as long as the Uplay connection permitting. The AI ​​opponent can drive you really motivating to your limits when the part unfair enemy spawns do not care for unjustified frustrating moments.

They realize what we mean by the pros and cons. But no need to worry: Our Gamestar Test squad course consists of the best of the best together - and therefore our agents make do with no defeat. Instead, we start our assessment mission heads held where probably all players should agree: the story of Wildlands.

5 Things To release about Ghost Recon: should know Wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Test Video: Who is it worthGhost Recon: Wildlands - Test Video: Who is it worth

Ubisoft keeps (unfortunately) to the own words

Publisher Ubisoft has announced a while ago to place in future games less emphasis on a "classic storytelling," and bring it through clever sandbox design "player anecdotes" on the way, similar to the popular Battlefield Moments. Or cynical words, because good stories are already in short supply in today's triple-A games, gives you the search for capable Authors and instead directly onto a completely different horse. Player stories are the "Share everything" -Zeitalter YouTube Twitch and Facebook already higher in the course.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands turns out to be a prime example of this new strategy. And for Story fans especially one that is: The story of the game is irrelevant in their best moments, in its less good moments, however, complete botch. The dialogue director could come from the textbook "How to write no characters", which plates and predictable Sayings of the main characters make from time to time for Fremdschäm situations.

The actual plot thus can be explained quickly: In Bolivia, has a really evil drug lord soared to quasi-monarch and four Ghost Recon agents need to bring him down by vacate all its sub-bosses and their gangster entourage out of the way. Each captain ruled a specific geographical area of ​​the open game world. We choose the access order and work our way up to the head. Small intro movies introduce any villain, but none of them shines with an interesting personality.

Introducing: Our Game Star Squad. And first we enjoy the fantastic vision in Bolivia.Who is going quietly, may even perform in combat snipers. And then has a great shooting position.
interchanged with Forza? Not at all! Even such car passages are now part of Ghost Recon.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - View screenshots

Clear, with a Tom Clancy game, the story is (apart from Splinter Cell) rarely a figurehead, and Ubisoft's bill of great player anecdotes goes Wildlands on. But who packed dialogues, cut scenes and some form of script in his game, also the classical evaluation must provide. Not least Mafia 3 has an almost identical play structure (enemy organization in the OpenWorld bring down) proved how much one can do with clever staging and exciting characters. Wildlands does not make the final. So be it, it shines the game in two categories in which mafia has 3 less to offer.

For comparisonTherefore: the story of Mafia 3 trumps

A new open-world reference

Number One (and number two is a bit long in coming, so keep that in mind please): the fantastic game world. Bolivia is a feast for the eyes! You fall in love inevitably at the first helicopter flight to the sheer size, the varied terrain in the thickets of vegetation, the hustle and bustle of the small towns. In short, what Ubisoft stomps out of the ground here in terms of Open World, simply deserves recognition. At least in terms of design, the immense size and technical bombast.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Video Players, looks at this open world!Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Video Players, looks at this open world!

Purely playful to exploring the world lined up quite seamlessly from what is now Far Cry Primal, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate knows or even Mafia third As a tough warrior to conquer the game world together with three (AI) pals sector by sector, to get the top villain in the end. And is an area complete, one must turn to do a handful of story missions that you (again) unlocks with side quests. So a Sea of ​​icons, which one is processing.

In order for the game world between the Mini Map symbols not lifeless fails, Wildlands spices his gameplay mixed with sandbox occasions. On the road, a convoy appears, which you can conquer, special aircraft will be stolen, elsewhere it comes to the battle between rebels and drug gangsters.

And collectibles and collectible upgrades's course, in the form of story-documents, resources and weapons (mods). So a lot to do, the scope of Wildlands precipitates gigantic and employs theoretically for dozens of hours of play. But whether you stay motivated by the bank, of course, depends on the most important virtue of a shooter: the fighting.

Collectibles stretch the season. but Findbare resources and weapons are actually useful.Collectibles stretch the season. but Findbare resources and weapons are actually useful.

Motivated Wildlands?

Whether you approach side quests, story missions or sandbox occasions - in Wildlands the time of Diplomacy is sweeping over. With enemies you sit only two ways to deal: either you prowls them and stealing their loot under butt off. Or (and this is more common), we shoot them overboard. Good, Ghost Recon finally is a time-tested tactical shooter brand, as we expect to lead in the air.

but at the heading of "tactics" we must reingrätschen. this namely you think of the old roots of the series, the one can only warn: The name Ghost Recon Wildlands is hardly meet - despite some nice reminiscences of old parts like the reload cog in the middle of the screen.

but at heart still a tactical shooter - Sure, the first Ghost Recon the action-lastigere alternative to Rainbow Six was without heady planning phase at that time. That's Wildlands at any point. For this, the opponents forgive too many mistakes even at the highest level of difficulty, and also later than the first results wild chase in rattling Lamborghini with arcade driving physics far away from the former traditions.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Video: What is missing for ARMA Light?Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Video: What is missing for ARMA Light?

This is not my Ghost Recon!

So Series fans can complain rightly that Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter still remains the last real tactical shooter series. But hey, if one engages this claim behind, then make the shoot-still neat fun. Which owes Wildlands especially the crisp KI, who sometimes performs in real clever maneuver. For one, she shoots extremely sharp, on the other hand it seeks dynamically on the position of the player. Just on the hill "snipe" So not work.

Who runs, firing blindly into a enemy base, also survived less than three seconds. Yes, Wildlands is more forgiving than the old series parts, but not nearly as much as about a Just Cause 3. As a player you will consequently motivated from the first mission to use various weapons such as sniper rifle, LMG and machine pistol with silencer clever and freedom of to use Open World to select the perfect entry point into enemy terrain. A little tactic puts so already inside.

Here, the game even lets us in targeting iron sights to choose between Third-person and first-person view. Very beautiful. But the true potential of these many possibilities unfolds cooperatively. And since we are actually at number two of the highlights of Wildlands: the common game with friends.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Video: Just Cause or Rainbow Six?Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Video: Just Cause or Rainbow Six?