Divided into three price categories (up to 50 euros, 50 to 100 Euro and 100 Euro), we provide recommendations for the best keyboards in each segment.Divided into three price categories (up to 50 euros, 50 to 100 Euro and 100 Euro), we provide recommendations for the best keyboards in each segment.

Whether writing emails, chatting or playing games - a gaming keyboard has to meet various requirements. Precision, writing sensation and processing are most important, but also comfort functions (for example, for multimedia control) is key. We provide in our opinion the best keyboards in three price ranges. So you find the keyboard that fits not only your preferences but also your wallet.

There are basically two types of PC keyboards: Models with (expensive) mechanical individual switches for each key or with (cheaper) underlying rubber mats (also known as "Rubber-Dome"), which record the keystrokes. Mechanical keyboards are characterized by a higher precision and more robust in general processing, whereas conventional, based on rubber mats models boast especially with extensive extras and a generally much lower price.

Special functions such as multimedia keys, macro function, USB hub or volume control can now be found on many models, but the mechanical are still often somewhat Spartan equipped. Particularly prolific writers will appreciate after a short familiarization period the writing feeling a mechanical keyboard and playing one of the most crisper stop growing with (depending on probe version) positive click the heart. A truly relevant precision advantage when playing there is not by a mechanical keyboard but experience shows.

Mechanical Keyboards use mainly MX switches the German company Cherry, primarily the variants MX Blue, Black MX, MX and MX Red Brown. While the blue switch almost no resistance, but trigger loud with a clearly defined and tactile click, the black switches have no tactile feedback, a uniform resistance throughout the entire stroke length and a lying much higher up pressure point. Therefore, MX Black switches in our opinion, are by far better than the blue version to play, typing felt by many afterwards, however, by the relatively high trigger resistance without tactile click as less pleasant.

The MX Brown switches are roughly between MX and MX Blue-Black, the MX Reds are slightly more common MX Blacks. Which variant suits one the most, one learns best by audition. Meanwhile, there are also a variety of mechanical switches of other providers, which are based partly on the Cherry models, but partly also a hybrid represent (for example Kailh switch).

Keyboards up to 50 Euro

In price to 50 euros, by far the most keyboards romp. As emergency or replacement keyboard finding yourself for less than 10 euros quite some neat solutions (for example, the Logitech K120). Just as a player and for long-term, regular operations, however, we recommend the view of at least 20 to 25 euros expensive keyboards. Only from this price point start technology, equipment and processing to unite on a balanced level.

Compromise is of course also be found here: Some keyboards offer, for example, a proper processing and good writing experience, but can not distinguish between a sufficient number of simultaneously pressed keys - the so-called key rollover. With simple keyboards without special controllers and boards that are usually two simultaneously visible keys (2-key rollover). Also ghosting (false interpretation of inputs from the keyboard) can occur with regular keyboards and lead Matches at unintentional incorrect entries.

Sharkoon Skiller Pro

For around 30 euros Sharkoon Skiller the Pro offers a lot of value for players. Unlike its predecessor, the Sharkoon Skiller, the Pro version presented in higher quality garment. Both the housing and the choice of materials have been revised compared to the Skiller, instead of the sensitive and rather cheap-looking high-gloss plastic Sharkoon now uses a matte finish.

Torsional rigidity, stability and slip resistance are good for the price range of Skiller Pro. The writing feeling slightly reminiscent of tactile switches, as a clear pressure point can be felt. Players can draw on an extensive drive in which not only the new uses of the Windows key and the six dedicated macro keys can be arbitrarily connected to programs or commands.

Useful dedicated media keys and the entire area, but slightly uneven backlighting facilitate daily PC use. The Skiller Pro recognizes how most keyboards in this price range, regular maximum of two simultaneously pressed keys (key rollover). In the relevant player WASD area but up to six buttons are allowed, so that the minimum requirements are given to a viable player keyboard.

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Sharkoon Skiller ProSharkoon Skiller Pro
Sharkoon Skiller Pro

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Cougar 200K Scissor

there is the Cougar 200K Scissor for around 35 euros, which is characterized by good workmanship, backlit buttons and convincing Scissor technique.

The housing of the Cougar 200K Scissor is made entirely of plastic, but is stabilized at the surface by a metal alloy, for the contamination and in this price range is less susceptible not self-evident. In general, the Cougar has no more to offer than other keyboards that segment: multimedia keys do not exist, instead, they can be reached as secondary functions via FN switch. For this, the Cougar 200K waived the Windows and Menu keys. The (orange) lighting is spartan, but in the dark still helpful for finding the desired button.

Interestingly makes the Cougar but in addition to the low price, the operation of the keys. Instead of normal rubber mats 200K uses the Scissor-technology used in notebooks. While this continues to operate rubber cup under the keys, but the release is carried out directly on the underside on which a scissor-shaped bracket is attached to the switch. The advantages are a short stroke of only 2 millimeters (4 mm are common), and a high typing speed and thanks to the flat keycaps a very low volume while typing. The 2-key rollover is WASD area similar expanded in Skiller Pro what the Cougar 200K makes an overall highly recommended player keyboard.

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Cougar 200K FrontCougar 200K Flat 2
Cougar 200K Flat

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Logitech G105 Gaming

Logitech G105 Gaming is moving on the border of the 50 euro mark. The classic lacing gaming suitable technology and ample amenities for a successful overall package.

Despite the abundant use of plastic, the G105 makes a good impression on the desk, the surface is dull and sufficiently resistant to dirt or fingerprints. The general processing, material thickness and fit the switch is appropriate for the price range, even if the torsional stiffness could be better. Thanks to the rubberized backing the G105 stands firmly on the desk, also feet ensure a more comfortable angle when writing or playing. A palm rest is missing.

Technically offers Logitech G105 with a two-stage backlight, six programmable macro keys, 6-key rollover and a powerful driver. The writing feeling is somewhat vague compared to mechanical keys is compared to other rubber-dome keyboards but at a good level. In short: Who can do without mechanical switch technology and focussing more plays than writes, finds a recommended candidates with the G105.

For those that can not do without an RGB lighting and continue to try to tap on rubber domes, which we put the 60-euro Prodigy G213 Logitech to the player's heart. In addition, it has built-in palm rest and keeps splashing stand. In our test the Prodigy G213 we praise the extensive equipment and the high precision of the so-called "Mech Dome" buttons, but are about the uneven illumination disappointed.

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The G105 is visually inconspicuous. Of exceptional design experiments Logitech has fortunately apart.The silver-gray background WASD and arrow keys better orientation on the keyboard.
The bright red bottom, there is only with the standard version, the special edition is black.

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