Silence to Project Nova. On the Eve Fan Fest 2017, the title was absent.Silence to Project Nova. On the Eve Fan Fest 2017, the title was absent.

On the Eve Fan Fest 2016 CCP announced two new projects: Project Arena Project Nova. The former is now Sparc and will be released later this year for VR headsets. The latter is the third attempt to release a first-person shooter in the Eve Online universe. But what became of the Dust-514 successor?

According to CCP Project Nova is developed further still. Green light has internally but still do not get well after as before the title: He's still only a project that can be adjusted at any time. This fate befell a few years ago Project Legion, the first attempt at a CCP Eve shooter to the PC bring to.

No new information on the Fan Fest 2017

Many players expected new information about the project at this year's Eve Fan Fest. The hope was not fulfilled. Hilmar Veigar, CEO of CCP, said only that Nova still in development is. The working of Project Nova team will also no longer be in the future in Shanghai company, but in Iceland. So hand in hand with the team, the potters of Eve Online.

More could be seen only behind closed doors. According to the Icelandic developers some selected people was a new level shown. To be held in a battleship Minmatar type Maelstrom. reportedly worked the weapons of the ship, but large parts of the level had no textures.

CCP responded to Fanwünsche

But why this delay and silence for the title? Hilmar Veigar has the answer: CCP makes some changes to address the Fanwünsche from the Fan Fest 2016th Thus, the Icelandic developer wants above all to ensure that the Game more like Eve Online feels.

On the Fan Fest 2016 Project Nova felt not like a game Eve.On the Fan Fest 2016 Project Nova felt not like a game Eve.

Project Nova was so not set secretly, but is developed as before. Currently, however, no one can say when and whether the project will proceed to the next phase. but CCP is continuing to seek actively for new developers for Nova, which it seems unlikely that the title is suddenly put on hold.

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Eve Online: Project NovaEve Online: Project Nova
Eve Online: Project Nova