The P250 CS: GO had been a good eco-gun and even suitable for AWPer. Now she is good especially as an option in the pistol rounds - the meta should change.The P250 CS: GO had been a good eco-gun and even suitable for AWPer. Now she is good especially as an option in the pistol rounds - the meta should change.

Less than five megabytes in size but with potentially huge consequences: The latest update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive changed the two pistols Glock and P250 and reduces Aimpunch without protective vest.

The patch has been released for the time being only as a beta version, Valve testing new patches but usually not very long. The patch notes are available on the official website.

New Meta thanks to reduced Aimpunch?

The main change is that of the Aimpunch. Behind the term refers to the temporary raising of the crosshairs when you get hit. is at Aimpunch Headshots and significantly increased in the absence of a helmet and vest and can ensure that even accurate shooters can end up no results under fire. Now, the effect for players who have not purchased body armor is so significantly reduced. The is finished by Reddit users Ganjiu clip below makes the changes significantly.

Before the first players' Vercasualisierung "shout it should be noted that the change will probably shake up the meta-gameplay in the first place. Instead of a simplification could therefore the predominant way CS: GO is being played, to change. Players will consider in the future twice before in gun rounds By default, a vest Buy against Aimpunch. Instead grenades are now much more attractive because you can easily compensate for the Aimpunch now.

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If any part of the player base actually change their style of play, grenades become more attractive to other players as they cause against players without vest immense damage. And a change in the patch gun then also benefits.

changed Glock and P250

Unlike the previous changes to Tec-9 and Five-Seven Glock did not get any special adaptation for a role within the game:

  • The base damage has been increased
  • Damage reduced at high removal
  • Precision slightly increased when spamming the fire button
  • slightly increased precision in running

Thus, not much that is still poorly Glock ranged combat changes in the melee, the increased damage and higher precision but should help in spamming.

Counter-Strike - mini-documentary to the emergence of the ShootersCounter-Strike - mini-documentary to the emergence of the Shooters

In the P250, it looks different:

  • Base damage has been increased
  • Armor penetration reduced slightly
  • Increased damage at long range
  • Precision reduced over

On Headshot against helmet wearer with the P250 by reducing the breakdown now no more deadly, at whatever distance. The gun will need to patch always more than two hits. Many fans had demanded a long time after this change. In return, the coverage has even doubled for instantly fatal head hit if a helmet was worn. The already lousy precision of the gun has now been reduced again in the run.

Valve speculated on the meta-change

So that the P250 is not really well against opponents fully equipped as a weapon in Eco-rounds, but in the pistol round, the P250 could now shine. If players really their Game Change Style and now frequently dispense with the vest in favor of grenades, the now very high loss of P250 against unprotected targets really gets going.

but it can also happen the opposite: The community accepts changes not, the P250 loses its purpose because they face helmets and vests no longer offer an advantage and another weapon of CS: GO is in normal matchmaking thus obsolete.

Now we have to wait and see what makes the community. It's quite possible that players invest in a few weeks primarily in grenades and pistols held in protective vests.

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