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Syberia is an adventure from 2002. On GOG the title is available now for free. Since the game already has a few years under your belt, you have to make some sacrifices graphically. For fans of adventure games Syberia still could be interesting.

The focus is on the New York lawyer Kate Walker traveling in the alpine village Valadilène. There, they will take care of the sale of an old toy factory machines. When she finds the owner of the factory dead, she embarks on the search for the rightful heirs. Kate travels here by Europe and their path leads finally even into the eastern regions of Russia.

MoreSyberia 3 - A late sequel

Syberia was designed by comic book artist and game designer Benoít Sokal. He incorporated with the design of the game world steampunk elements. The game received with Syberia 2 Syberia 3 and two sequels.

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Syberia 3 - launch trailer and first Player BoardSyberia 3 - launch trailer and first Player Board