Diablo 3 - Start of Season 5

When does the Season 5 of Diablo 3? Long it will not be, at Friday 15 January, it is Central European Time 17:00 so far. Season 4 was already on December 30, 2015 end. From now on every season is always to take three months and the period in between will be used for patches - in this case, version 2.4.0. The new season brings with it a number of changes, including new rewards for the season journey.

By "Reincarnation" this time we can convert one of our existing heroes of the season hero, rather than creating a new one. The sets then indeed like all season hero again at level 1 going on, but retains his name and Time. Paragonstufen, items and achievements remain with the non-seasonal hero until the reincarnation warrior at the end of the season rejoined them.

Coming up with new patch: The changes from version 2.4.0 Overview

The rewards for Season 5

Season Exclusive Items fall this time away, all new legendary items in patch 2.4.0 can be found immediately in the normal game. For that collect season heroes "Haedrigs Gift" a complete item set for their respective class by fulfilling tasks of season trip. This is spread over three rewards to two items that anyone entering the fourth chapter of the trip, then also has a full set. only one set can be earned per account, even when playing through the season with several heroes. Which tier class you get depends on which class you open Haedrigs gift:

  • Barbarian: power on earth
  • Crusaders: Thorns of Ansuchers
  • Demon Hunter: In the shadow Mantle
  • Monk garb of the Monkey King
  • Witch Doctor: Garb Jadeernters
  • Wizards: Splendor of the Firebird

Moreover, Heroes can earn Weidenmann Pet, parts of the Conqueror Transmogrifikationssets and new portrait frame. Who creates the chapter "Conqueror" is on top of it with a new chest specialist rewarded, which is now also available for non-seasonal heroes available. However, this requires much more effort than Chapter 4 for the items, three legendary gems for want brought to level 55, among others, and a large Nephalemportal level 60 alone be done. A second additional chest skilled players can buy for gold regardless of the season rewards.

Diablo 3 - trailer for Patch 2.4.0 is revised classes SetsDiablo 3 - trailer for Patch 2.4.0 is revised classes Sets

Diablo 3 - Start of Season 5