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If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard with variable RGB lighting and smart lighting effects, we have at this point the currently most interesting representatives of this category summarized.

Logitech G910 / G810 Orion Spectrum

G910 Orion SpectrumG910 Orion Spectrum2
G910 Orion Spectrum3

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The G910 Orion Spectrum Logitech is the successor to the G910 Orion Spark and the big sister of the Logitech G810. Are used, the self-developed mechanical Romer-G switches. The mechanical switches remember in terms of the pressure point and the tip feeling is strongest red cherry MX models and therefore run extremely quietly. A special feature of the G910 are also the concave-shaped key caps, which puts the Orion spectrum more into the focus of players as of scribblers. Nevertheless, also writing for some getting used to is pleasant possible.

In addition, can be found on the G910 Orion Spectrum numerous macro and additional keys, as well as a palm rest and a stable housing. Anti-ghosting, and in the form of N-key rollover are in this price range, of course, and also in the Logitech G910 on board. In addition to 16 separate media control buttons and a volume control wheel, the G910 has a mount for smartphones and small tablets, on you can let you see through the associated app, system information such as fan speeds, temperatures and occupancy levels of graphics card and CPU. However, the holder is a rather useless gimmick, as the smartphone is can not be charged and it is not really reliable and stable fixed depending on the dimensions of the keyboard.

The G810 Orion spectrum is a slightly scaled-down and much more discreet version of the G910: No Smartphone holder or macro keys, and no palm rest and a more simplistic, yet well-made housing. It also uses the Romer-G switches and concave-shaped keys. Multimedia keys, including volume control and RGB lighting are available and the price is well below that of the G910.

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Logitech G910 Orion spectrum
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Logitech G810 Orion SpectrumLogitech G810 Orion Spectrum
Logitech G810 keycaps

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Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 will cost around 170 euros and is no different, except for the RGB lighting and the palm rest from the BlackWidow Ultimate 2014. With Razer Synapse universal driver, all functions and lighting adjustments can be easily and clearly manage, but at least for the first start to register a user account with Razer duty - then you can but prohibit the online functions permanently cloud driver.

Chromatic color transitions to respiratory effects or genre-specific key control lighting transversely through the color spectrum part of the repertoire of Razer Black Widow chroma. Practical multimedia elements such as a volume wheel or a roller but one searches in vain, these functions can only be significantly more complicated control via keyboard shortcuts. but are nevertheless an audio port and a USB 2.0 port on board.

The Black Widow Chroma V2 is a mechanical keyboard and comes not only with the green (tactile, clicky) Razer switches. She is also the quieter yellow (linear) and orange (tactile) switches available. The green switches differ in their stroke and stroke characteristics of little blue Cherry MX models, quality and performance are at least subjectively equivalent. A 10-key rollover and a USB polling rate of 1000 Hz provide an equally suitable for gaming and typing technical foundation.

As a high-end alternative to the Ducky Shine offers. 6 This brings RGB lighting with six MX-switch variants, N-key rollover and a very high quality workmanship with it, but costs around 200 euros.

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Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2
Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

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Corsair penalty RGB Silent

The special thing about Corsairs penalty RGB Silent are the silent MX switches from Cherry acting noticeably quieter than their colleagues undamped. Tip your properties share the new switch with the usual red Cherry MX switches, tripping and typing feel are therefore virtually identical.

As with all fine models Corsair also saves in the silent version and the keyboard instead missed an aluminum surface a plastic housing, albeit a fairly high quality. Multimedia keys and volume roll fall away as a palm rest for on board.

The driver is the same as the popular Vengeance series, which macro functions, shortcuts and new uses of each button are made possible here. The RGB backlight is ideal for Designing Your Own color pattern, creativity knows no limits here.

The Silent switch is actually a fair bit quieter compared to regular Cherry switches, but the low noise level of a rubber dome keyboard they do not reach it. The very good play and tip properties are unaffected by the changes to the noise level, the penalty RGB Silent is therefore suitable not only for frequent tipsters in the office, but also for players very well.

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A new switch type Cherry and the all-over LED lighting for 16.8 million colors characterize the Strfae RGB Silent Corsair.The Silent switch from Cherry are using a two-stage damping construction to reduce the volume when typing.
Your tip-off properties correspond to the damping with low resistance and no tactile feedback the long-available red cherry switches.

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