Rainbow Six: Siege - launch trailer for content update Rainbow Six: Siege - launch trailer for content update "Red Crow"

On November 17 update 5.0 and the last extension appears "Red Crow" of Season 1 of Rainbow Six: Siege. The day before, there is now the official patch notes and the launch trailer for Ubisoft's tactical shooter.

The following link leads to the German patch notes for Red Crow, we have embedded the trailer above. the on Japan focused update for Black Ice (Canada), Dust Line (Middle East) and Skull Rain (Brazil), the fourth extension. An overview of the most important new features can be found in note form below.

The new features of Red Crow

  • The new map, or the new venue is a skyscraper in Nagoya and free for all players.
  • Two new operators of the Japanese special unit SAT (Special Assault Team) that are available for buyers of season pass release free of charge and can be unlocked by all other players from 24 November with the in-game currency.
  • New Operatorin Hibana (attacker): Equipped with "X-KAIROS '-Granatwerfer whose faded charges can be fired simultaneously. The exothermic charges destroy not only simple walls but also by defending fortified walls.
  • New operator Echo (defender): Equipped with a drone that makes disoriented on sound pulses players in the target area.
  • New weapons designs, suitable for Japan setting.
  • Three new elite equipment sets consisting of uniform, headgear, operators card, Talisman, operator names and victories animation. Unlockable the sets Vympel (Kapkan), L Detachment (Sledge) and retro FBI are initially (Thermite).
  • New battle dress uniforms for customizing the look of the operators. Two uniforms for the new satellite operators Hibana and echo are exclusive to Season Pass owners Capitao, Caveira, Ash, Sledge, Thatcher, mute and Smoke receive uniforms that can be enabled via the in-game store.
  • The destruction physics has been revised and considered from now the weapon caliber used. Larger balls tear large holes in the levels.
  • Adjustments to Hitlocation neck and arms.
  • Balance adjustments to the weapons SMG-11, Luison, MK17CQB, PARA-308
  • Improving the skill based matchmaking
  • In Ranked lap time is shortened to three minutes, Casual remains at four minutes.
  • many bug fixes

Ubisoft has already announced that Rainbow Six: victories supplied second year with free content is obtained and a second Season Pass. It is one of the few shooters who could constantly increase the number of players since release, instead of losing by little parts of the community.

Rainbow Six: Siege - teaser trailer for Japan card Rainbow Six: Siege - teaser trailer for Japan card "Red Crow"

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Rainbow Six: Siege - Patch notes and launch trailer for Japan Update "Red Crow"