GTA 5 Mod Index - the best modifications - finished in work or as planned.GTA 5 Mod Index - the best modifications - finished in work or as planned.

Also, almost two years after the release of GTA 5 / GTA V will diligently played on the PC - and developed with mods, changed and improved. We update this mod for GTA 5 Overview regularly and collect the currently best and most popular mods Grand Theft Auto. 5

The PC version of GTA 5 has thus like their predecessors a great advantage over their console relationship: Mods that improve the gaming experience - or at least change. We present here the best scripts, coaches and modifications for Grand Theft Auto 5 before - by categories such as gameplay, fun, skins or game concept.

While Rockstar Games has no official support for changes of any kind in the PC version of GTA 5, it's already succeeded shortly after release some people to crack the hard shell and develop the first mods.

The predecessor GTA 4 had a very hardworking community that develops today active for Grand Theft Auto. The results are far-reaching:

Graphic improvements, many new cars, jets, helicopters and tanks, new character skins, missions, completely new map areas or other optimized gameplay - all these things are the mods for GTA. 5

CAUTION when using mods
Rockstar Games condone the use of mods explicitly only in single player GTA 5. Those who enter with a modified version of the game's servers GTA Online, risk a permanent ban and thus practically the loss of the game. For safety reasons, we advise you therefore, to remove all mods from your PC before playing GTA Online. For more frequently asked questions and related answers are in the FAQ

We list the best scripts and community changes to the game, explain how to install them and arrange them by categories, so that everyone can find just the modification that you want to really have. We also share views on planned mods to foment the anticipation of certain projects and to accompany from the beginning. To keep track of all mods installed, we recommend the GTAV Mod Manager.

We categorize the following Mod areas:

Cheats and Trainer



Changes of the game concept



Helpful Mods for video creation



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about GTA 5 Mods

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