Rainbow Six: Siege gets early August 2016 his now third DLC. This time it goes to Brazil. In addition, new anti-cheat measures are planned.Rainbow Six: Siege gets early August 2016 his now third DLC. This time it goes to Brazil. In addition, new anti-cheat measures are planned.

Ubisoft has the first details on the so-called Season 3 of downloadable content for Rainbow Six: betrayed victories. After Black Ice and Dust line of the now third DLC takes players for the first time in the outskirts of the Brazilian Olympic city Rio de Janeiro.

Also a release date already exists: The new content will appear on Tuesday, 2 August 2016. The new special forces will then be up to the following Tuesday reserved Season Pass owners. they then can also be enabled via in-game currency.

Funny: New Character can interrogate opponents

The so-called "operators" is the one to Caveira, a defensive specialist. It can sneak up on opponents with their abilities and interrogate them - manage the action of a motionless opponent reveals the positions of his team-mates, which are then displayed on the map.

The second new character, who also belongs batalhão de operações policiais especiais (BOPE), is Capitao. He wears a tactical crossbow with them and can thus use up suffocating stud.

As a new map favelas are waiting for the players. You should previously zerstörbarste game environment in Rainbow Six, according to Ubisoft: offer wins and is now the DLC release free for all players.

New game mode puts on even more realism

In addition, there is also an accompanying update that expands the main game with new features. Among other things, the patch brings the new game mode "Tactical Realism" with it. The sets, you guessed it, for even more realism and prohibited as flagging opponents. In addition, the HUD is reduced to its basic elements and also the ammunition management should turn out authentic.

New anti-cheat measures

At the center of considerations and plans of the developers for surgery Skull Rain, was, according to another blog entry on the official website for the game the way to further improve the foundation of the game and so its to guarantee longevity.

Claims to Ubisoft has therefore planned player feedback on Reddit, taken in the forums and via social media channels to heart, and based on further improvements.

A first result is the Implementation of another anti-cheat tools: BattlEye. Some players the program is perhaps DayZ or Ark: Survival Evolved known. It is intended to prevent Rainbow Six: Siege can be started at all if cheats are enabled. A beta test of the new measures to be launched shortly.

are also planned a improved precision of Killcam and preventing clipping errors. In the past, it has happened again and again, was that individual body parts of the player characters or their clothes to see through shields and walls and to meet. By dynamic clipping supposed to be prevented in the future.

Exactly when these things in Rainbow Six: be implemented victories, is still unclear. The first measures to be taken but is expected with the forthcoming third DLC.

Operation Skull Rain will be demonstrated again in detail as part of the ESL Xbox One-finals next Saturday, July 30, 2016 at 15:00 German time. The event will be broadcast via live stream on the Internet.

Just about the last DLC was: Operation Black Ice for Rainbow Six: Siege

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