Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire - Test Video: Back to the rootsGuild Wars 2: Path of Fire - Test Video: Back to the roots

The second thing that should strike the heroes of Tyria, when the world of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire entered? The wide. After the almost claustrophobic jungle maps of the first addons Heart of Thorns (Oct 2015) Path of Fire makes us see the sky again, our eyes can slide back over rolling hills, gives an idea of ​​us on the horizon mighty mountains. The first thing that should strike the heroes of Tyria, however? That they from the back of a Raptors look at the new landscape. Path of Fire brings first mounts the Guild Wars universe.

My Känguhase

These mounts are the central element of the addon. They do not serve only to get to the maps quickly from A to B, you need them, rather, to even get from A to B. Where A is often a point at the bottom of a map while at B perhaps a lookout or control point (you need since Heart of Thorns to unlock new skills) is located somewhere on a cliff far above us.

Finally back seat! While we have always felt locked us up a bit in the jungle Heart of Thorns, the landscape of Path of Fire gives back width. And also provides room to dodge.Finally back seat! While we have always felt locked us up a bit in the jungle Heart of Thorns, the landscape of Path of Fire gives back width. And also provides room to dodge.

If it goes right to the top, we pull the jumper, which is reminiscent of a mix of kangaroo and rabbit and can overcome enormous differences in height with his muscular legs. Do we somehow sulfur fields about it, is limbo skates turn. And so on. Details on the mounts can be found in the table below.

The carrot

Path of Fire is through clever layout of the maps and capabilities of the animals to an even more motivating exploration game, as it was the Guild Wars 2 before. It works like this: We get by doing a small task and against some gold and other stuff (yes, Path of Fire reintroduces a new type of currency, sigh) a mount. The knight can jump around in its base version already quite high, but until we have unlocked his third mastery path, it will jump ridiculously high.

To activate this path, we need very classic experience points and of course mastery points. Both we earn through everything possible about through playing through the story or by the conclusion of successes (collections, events, etc. pp.). Or even through exploring the maps and through the achievement of important places. And if we have activated a new control path for a little animal, we can reach new places and seen more points below "and does check off" again.

the Raptorthe SpringerLimbo Raysthe jackalthe Griffin&# 8203;

the Raptorwe get put in Path of Fire available the first animals, is the fierce raptor. This lizard can skip especially with the third of four control paths extremely wide chasms. The request for the Raptor is moderate: We need to complete just a simple Herzchenaufgabe, namely the first, in which we do purely stumble in Path of Fire.

the SpringerThe almost too cuddly bunnies cattle called Springer jumps us the wildest cliffs over up or extra-high fences. When the third control path has been unlocked, the knight jumps even particularly high. With the Springer we probably reach most of domination and viewpoints in Path of Fire. The requirements: complete Herzchenaufgabe, one gold, 50 commercial contracts.

Limbo RaysWithout the elegant floating stingrays we're getting neither on quicksand still on sulfur lakes. Water the cattle is also useful, it gains a matter of speed. In the domain Vabbi he protected us on top of that from lightning. The third stage can float higher in the short term it. Requirements: Complete Herzchenaufgabe, four gold, 50 commercial contracts.

the jackalReducing animal, but rather mythical beast, the jackal can dissolve us on his back in a sand whirlpool and up to three times consecutively teleport forward. With the completion of the third mastery path we are allowed to use with it sand portals that carry us partially over very long distances - or in mysterious caves. Requirements: Complete Herzchenaufgabe, 20 gold, 200 trade agreements.

the GriffinWho played through the story, has the knight on level 3 and on top of 250 gold on the high edge, it can make unlock the grip on all maps and multiple events. The Griffin does not fly up into the sky, the animal needs a high bounce point to carry us far. The third mastery path of the bird turns off the super speed free that can support us in no time with a whole map - or by the right-demanding air race against time.

The basic idea behind the whole mount number is therefore relatively simple in its execution, however, it turns out very well thought out. Those who have gathered as it comes to the southeastern vantage point in the domain Vabbi will rejoice in any case as a lark, and joy is known to be the best reward. Allegedly, it is supposed in this small temple by one of the windows can slide inside, provided slider control from Heart of Thorns, but after only one attempt, we have given up this venture and looking for a smarter way. Tip: You have to be geared down to come up to the goal.

Who the Word mastery path a slight rash gets, because he thinks of the Grind in Heart of Thorns, in order to get the necessary experience for the individual paths, we can calm down. expand the creatures that actually goes relatively fast. And more control than the paths of Mounts are not's in Path of Fire.