Our selection of the best Survival Games 2017 will give you the genre really tasty.Our selection of the best Survival Games 2017 will give you the genre really tasty.

Survival, that is suffering, to have the risk of eating disgusting things no roof over their heads and to muddle through somehow. However exactly do millions of PC gamers on a voluntary basis. Survival games are more popular than ever and accordingly great is the selection of appropriate games on Steam.

Many of the games like DayZ stuck there for years in the Early Access are therefore not yet fully developed and are therefore riddled with errors. Some can be accessed safely but others should you prefer to leave you in the virtual shelf.

In our list you will find the Survival Games, where the struggle for survival makes already fun. We also provide you two promising candidates with (Early Access) release in 2017th

In this list is a personal selection, which is to cover as many aspects of the genre has not exhaustive. If you are missing your favorite here about Rust, Hurtworld or Conan Exiles, please write in the comments what you just so excited about this game.

7 Days to Die

release: December 13, 2013 (Early Access)
Price: 23 euro

At first glance, is 7 Days to Die a classic zombie survival game in the style of DayZ, but just like in Minecraft, the entire game world voxels and can be changed. So we build resources from, construct buildings, build of food and crafting their own weapons in order to survive the zombie apocalypse.

As in an RPG, we develop our character in the solo campaign further and let learn new skills.

Although 7 Days to Die has been around for ages in the Early Access but is developed further on a regular basis. The release of a console version for PS4 and Xbox One based on an Alpha version and with no evidence that the development of the game is not yet complete, but raises not a very good light to the developers.