Shakes & Fidget - The Adventure - Kickstarter Trailer introduces the oblique Adventureshakes & Fidget - The Adventure - Kickstarter Trailer introduces the oblique Adventure

The comic duo Shakes & Fidget are already part of a browser game - now the fantasy genre is to be considered as full-price Adventure through the mud. On Kickstarter recently launched the crowdfunding campaign that at least 250,000 € intends to adopt. The project is a co-production between King Art Games (The Book of Unwritten Tales) and Playa Games (Shakes & Fidget: The Game).

The Point and click adventure is developed for Windows, Mac and Linux, and will be released on Steam and GOG. If the Kickstarter goal will be exceeded, the developers are planning additional languages ​​versions for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 and more character animations.

Those who invest at least 21 euros to the project, receives Shakes & Fidget - The Adventure at release. Other editions and extras like comics, access to the beta version or signed posters are also available for an extra charge. For 2,000 euros supporters get a meet & Greet with the development team.

Cant Adventure with many pop culture references

The developers indicate on the Kickstarter page that there are too few fun games and adventure classics such as Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max worship. With their adventure they want to offer a "straightforward, Distractions 2D point and click adventure," pulling his jokes mainly from the fantasy and pop culture:

"shakes & Fidget - The Adventure offers stupid fun. We are not Citizen Kane, we are The Naked Gun meets Spaceballs."

In Kickstarter trailer and on the published pictures you can see, for example, as Hero Fidget in the style of Mad Max: Fury Road is looking forward to the hood of a vehicle. Overall, there should be more than 50 locations and dozens of characters and monsters. A separate soundtrack is also planned.

Reaction from fans critical

In an interview with the magazine Games economy of King Style Minister Jan Theysen stated that the Kickstarter campaign is to provide information as to how many players are still interested in these types of games:

"The big question is whether we can inspire enough players for a fun, classic, hi-tech point-and-click adventure. If the kick is not working, that would be the proof that you currently can not do Adventures of the order - a quite widespread with publishers opinion."

If the financing works by crowdfunding, King Art and Playa Games can contribute the remaining budget. Also, would be a third part of The Book of Unwritten Tales likely Theysen declared to games industry.

shakes & Fidget were devised by the subscribers to Marvin Clifford and Oskar Pannier from Berlin. Clifford is also part of the development team and is responsible for the cartoon graphics of Adventures. The crazy adventures to current plans in autumn 2018 appear when the Kickstarter campaign is successful.