TeamLiquid are the winners of The International in 2017, the German captain KuroKy holding the trophy proudly high.TeamLiquid are the winners of The International in 2017, the German captain KuroKy holding the trophy proudly high.

Team Liquid has made it: The from Berlin Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi mentioned team is world champion in Dota 2. The international team was able to prevail in 3 to 0 matches against the Chinese Newbee and the International 2017 (Ti7) win.

In addition to the World Championship title and the trophy "Aegis of Champions" TeamLiquid receives 10,809,801 US dollars a total of 24,667,730 US dollars prize money. Newbee takes next to the runner-dollar least 3,930,837 home. With the victory of Liquid the old rule remains: In odd-numbered years a Western team wins (2015 it was the Americans Evil Geniuses), in even years wins an Asian team.

two Records

As part of the International's 2017 KuroKy has can put two records. First, the German Dota veteran has played the most matches as part of Valve tournaments compared with all other professionals worldwide, in ten events, there were 202 maps. The American Saahil "Universe" Arora manages 197 matches on the second place.

Second: By winning the Ti7 is KuroKy the financially successful e-athletes of all time, no player has ever earned higher prize money. Total KuroKy won 3,555,912 US dollars in prize money. He is the only e-sports at all, the prize money has recorded more than 3 million dollars. This naturally come salaries, sponsorship deals and so on.

A rocky road

For KuroKy it is the first title. In 2013, he made it as a player of Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) in the final of the Internationals, but the team lost to Sweden from Alliance.

The 24-year-old Berliner is amplified at Liquid by following players:

  • Lasse "MATUMBAMAN" Urpalainen (Finn)
  • Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi (Jordanians)
  • Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Borislavov Ivanov (Bulgarian)
  • Maroun "GH" Merhej (Lebanese)

Liquid had on the way to the title by no means simple: The group of nine teams could indeed dominate, but the international force lost in the knockout stages once the first game and was so moved by the upper bracket in the lower bracket.

TeamLiquid had to the way to the final level.TeamLiquid had to the way to the final level.

all the while the winner of the upper bracket, Newbee, reached the final after only three knockout rounds, had to Liquid in the lower bracket survive five rounds, the last game was held directly before the grand finale. Instead, under the pressure and the additional burden to respond, to liquid but showed every lap militant and learned with each match, apparently so.

The International 2017 18 teams played for the title, players from a total of 25 nations were represented.

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