The Witcher 3 - The best mods for the PC version

Since the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for PC, much has changed - even in Mod community. There are now a wide range of mods that improve the graphics, make control more comfortable, replace all fights by Gwent matches or change the feel, where they install shields.

CD Projekt has even so created an RPG masterpiece with The Witcher 3, the nice thing about mods is that they not only enhance a game, but just can also make individual: Some one the paths seem too colorful, control too vague the lyrics too small and talents too troublesome, they earn themselves. Mods, cheats and other auxiliary agents are a welcome way to The Witcher 3 zurechtzubiegen as you prefer it myself.

Attention: Mod-use is always a risk, to destroy the Score to wear or other bugs into play. Everyone should just inform about the mod of his choice, read the installation instructions thoroughly and put on as many positive reviews. We make our choices thoroughly, but we can not guarantee the smooth running.

With this Mod Overview we show the best ways to further improve the gaming experience with Geralt:

Cheat Mods

Gameplay Mods: Inventory & trade

Gameplay Mods: alchemy, magic & Loot

Gameplay mods: Fight

Graphic Mods

Mods for camera & HUD

other mods

The Witcher 3 - The best mods for the PC version