The devilish number "666" seems no coincidence in the title of 1666: to be Amsterdam. The founder of Necrosoft Games, Brandon Sheffield, has on the Reboot Develop Conference (via Destructoid) in Croatia first material filmed from the set of the game Assassin's Creed creator Patrice Désilets.

According to him, was the motto of the game to be "worse than the devil." Apparently so a dark and morally questionable game world would have us to do. As the filmed material shows that includes probably "Jinx" how to control crows or black cats and auszuknipsen one or the other innocent passers-by the light.

Playable Evolution: What's Ancestors: The Human Odyssey child?

Come 1666: Amsterdam back?

1666: Amsterdam was originally at THQ Montreal for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in development. After the acquisition by Ubisoft the project but was put on hold and Désilets, who had previously worked at Ubisoft already on Assassin's Creed, fired from his former employer.

Only at the beginning of the week has been an agreement with Ubisoft, in the context of those Désilets the rights to 1666: Amsterdam has recovered. If he wants to take up the development again, is not yet known, but currently Désilets would at least be on current project Ancestors: The Human Odyssey child focus.

Ancestors: The Human Odyssey child - teaser video for the latest project by Patrice DésiletsAncestors: The Human Odyssey child - teaser video for the latest project by Patrice Désilets